Continual Improvement?

  • 28 March 2022
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I like the view that ITSM is all about getting better at IT service delivery and support, i.e. continual improvement. However, something that never seems to get spoken about is how to get better at continual improvement.

So, what has your organization done to better focus on, prioritize, and execute opportunities to improve its IT services, operations, experiences, and outcomes?

Please respond to share your good practices to help others :)

2 replies

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Another great topic @manns! I am really curious to see what others have done in this area during the pandemic. I can say for us it simply started with learning to operate in a constant remote office environment. For the past 2 years this has been the primary focus for improvement as we didn’t want the sudden change in how we work to impact our ability to service our customers as effectively as we were before the pandemic. 

As things begin to settle, our next step will be to make sure that employee onboarding and training continues to improve. I am in the middle of rolling out a complete department change from another service to freshservice for employee onboarding. This I believe will improve the employee experience.

Let’s hear from some others as well!!!

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Scheduling lessons learned sessions for my team has been helpful in looking back for how to improve. For example we use a Fresh service report that is a 90 day ticket lookback with metrics showing survey results, resolution time in hours, and the logged time by each agent. We can target the long lead time tickets or the ones with a long logged time and find out what we can do better: do we need training, automation, better vendor partnerships, etc.


This only works if you have a healthy team and members are ok being asked about a ticket and giving honest feedback, otherwise the team will try to game the system if the feel being called out is a negative experience vs a learning and improvement experience for all.