Creating a Private Note with Attachment Using the API

  • 15 January 2022
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How does one create a private note with an attachment using the API?

The ‘private’ value must be a boolean or the API returns a 400 response.  Attachment uploads should be multipart form data which will stringify the value.


I noticed that all notes with attachments are being created as private notes even without the ‘private’ value set, but I don’t want to rely on that because the API documentation says that ‘private’ should be set to true when creating a private note

There are a few examples online for adding attachments to notes but none of them address the ‘private’ flag, e.g.



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The solution when posting multipart to add attachments is to send the value of ‘private’ as a string ‘true’.  It seems like the Freshdesk API is handling the string ‘true’ but does not handle other truthy non-booleans like ‘1’ which is probably what’s posted for a multipart boolean value.