Filter assets when assigning them to a ticket or change

  • 29 November 2021
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We are planning to maintain the inventory of our virtual machines in Asset Management. In order to be able to assign them to tickets and changes as needed. Now we have the situation, that we are recycling old names of already deleted VMs. So we could have the cause that there exist multiple assets with the same name, but only one asset has the Asset State “in use”. The other ones are indicated as “retired”.

When assigning such an asset to a ticket/change all the assets are showing up in the list, independent if their state is “in use” or “retired” and I have not found a way to differentiate the objects.

So therefore my question now: Is it possible to customize the columns in the Associate Assed menu, so it would at least be possible to see which on is the still in use asset. Or even better to configure a filter so that only assets with the “in use” state are displayed in the list?

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3 replies

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In the qualification list for the table, you can specify the condition like


‘AssetLifeCycle’=”In Use”.


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Could you please be a bit more specific? Where exactly can I find this qualification list option?

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I am figuring out where i can find this as i am new to FreshService, but this is what is available in other itsm form desings.


i will keep you posted.