[INTERVIEW] - The Change Makers On Air

  • 26 November 2021
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[INTERVIEW] - The Change Makers On Air
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Burdened by legacy ITSM technology, hundreds of thousands of companies are struggling to work efficiently. Their inadequate tech is hurting productivity, tying up resources, and frustrating both agents and employees. While IT leaders aren’t blind to the problem, change remains elusive.

A new generation of IT leaders is fighting back.

They’re challenging the status quo and transforming the technology behind world-leading companies. We’re calling them the Changemakers. We’ve read their stories and heard them speak of transforming the IT landscape within their organizations.

Now let’s get up close and personal!


:thought_balloon: What’s on the minds of our changemakers?

:bulb: What innovations impress them the most?

:handshake_tone3: Who are they networking with, and what conferences are they attending?

Join us live on LinkedIn every Thursday from December 2 to December 16 as we sit down and chat with these IT pathbreakers, and learn about their lives, careers, and get them to reveal lesser-known details about themselves.


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