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If you work Mon-Fri, or to a similar week-based schedule, what are the key things that you do when you get back to your desk (whether in an office or at home) first thingon the first day of the new work week?


Best answer by rashmi.nag 9 July 2021, 09:22

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Great question @manns! I love to prepare myself for the week and sometimes, if I do find the motivation and time to do it, I prefer doing it on Sunday evening, so that I can kickstart my Monday morning. 

But there are days when I do it on my Monday mornings - I prefer starting early to just plan the week.

  • I get my cup of coffee/ tea and set aside a block of time just to plan and sort my week.
  • I ensure my work desk at home (still working from home!) is free of anything that can distract me. I also do a quick cleaning if it is messy.
  • I check my week’s calendar for any previously scheduled reminders, meetings and tasks
  • I jot down all my focus areas on my white board (I prefer seeing it in front of my always!)
  • I also have a digital workspace to keep tab of my individual projects and tasks. So I ensure that’s also updated.
  • I prefer having a priority list rather than a to-do list, as this helps me focus and allocate time and attention to the right things.
  • I plan my day in a way that I set realistic expectations - having roughly 3 high priority tasks and 4-5 medium or low priority tasks
  • I check my emails/ work notifications that may have come during the weekend

These have personally helped me kickstart my work week. Would love to hear from the others too :)

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Wow. I wish I was that organized :)