Notification email rule on every customer response based on if the Agent assigned to the ticket is online.

  • 22 April 2022
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straight to the point - we use a rule, that makes everyone get an email notification If the customer responds/reopens the ticket. What we want to include is possibility to switch it on and of based on If the agent assigned to the ticket is online or not. This way the notifications to the other agents will be send only, If the agent assigned is offline.


Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks for any kind of help,


2 replies

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Hi Feranod,


You should be able to do this within the ‘Ticket Updates’ Automation.

In Tickets, if Assigned agent is Any. (switch on the Check Agent Status) is Unavailable. (screenshot below)


This will only apply to tickets where the assigned agent is unavailable. 



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@sanofar.allahpichai is there a “Check Agent Status” feature in freshservice? I don’t believe there is but that would be really handy to have. Sounds like a great feature inside of Freshdesk. Let’s bring it to freshservice too!!! 😎