Onboarding Module creates two service requests

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My organization is still new to FreshService, and we wanted to utilize the Onboarding module.  In testing, I discovered that submitting an Onboarding request through the service portal creates two service requests.  One is labeled “Employee Onboarding Request” and is the parent request to the other service request which is labeled as “New Hire Onboarding” (which is using the new hire onboarding kit I created):


Listed Service Requests

I also noticed that the parent “Employee Onboarding Request” does not have any Request details:


Missing form details

Is there a way to modify this form to include the new hire information or better yet, prevent this service request from being created at all?


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Hello @jr_array if you want to alter what data is shown in the Parent Request ticket you can do so by clicking the pencil next to the ticket under the “Create Child Tickets” screen.

This should allow you to select what values you want to include from the initial onboarding form that the hiring manager fills out. 

Hope this helps!

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Hi @zachary.king.  Thank you very much.  That did the trick.  I didn’t even notice the edit pencil for the parent ticket until I hovered over it.