Service Desk respect - how is your desk regarded?

  • 8 July 2021
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Many helpdesks and service desks have struggled to gain respect from their users/customers and also from their own colleagues in IT departments. In many cases this comes down to the level of understanding of the position and value that a service desk delivers. it is of course vital that all partners and supplier that support the service desk are working closely with them and give them the respect and support that they need - this can have a major positive of negative impact on customer experience so tis not just about what people might think of the desk, But respect is a key element and shared gaols and understanding are key.


What do you think ? what experiences do you have of how to improve the levels of shared respect?

1 reply

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Honest dialogues with the (paying) customers, “business unit champions,” and consumers (employees) to better understand needs and manage expectations are often a great place to start.