The Change Makers On Air: Episode 1 with Colin McCarthy

  • 2 December 2021
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The Change Makers On Air: Episode 1 with Colin McCarthy
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Hey folks!

We begin The Change Makers On Air series from today and we’re super thrilled to be listening to Colin McCarthy speak to us.

Colin secretly thinks something about technology is overrated. What could it be? Join us for a fun, interactive LIVE session with Colin McCarthy from Essence and Heidi Malden from Freshworks.

Here’s what we know about Colin McCarthy so far:

  • He was Essence’s first full-time IT Support person
  • He rolled out Freshservice to support Essence’s global expansion
  • He overhauled the company’s ITSM strategy with virtually no complaints or pushbacks

But...the story DOES NOT end here!

Here’s what you’ll find out from the Live:

  • Some important things Colin has learned about IT Transformations
  • Things that keep him motivated when things do not go out as planned
  • Three things he’s got to share to aspiring change makers!

RSVP to the event below and join us today!

Catch us LIVE here! :point_down_tone2:

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There was an excellent quote by Colin in this session:

“IT is not just about 0s and 1s. It’s not just the technology we use. There’s a human aspect that a lot of organizations easily overlook.”


It’s so true. Often times we focus so much on processes and policies that we tend to forget the human aspect of IT service management. At the end of the day, the goal of IT is to make work easy for their end users.

How are you humanizing your IT?