The Change Makers On Air: Episode 2 with Derek Rose

  • 8 December 2021
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The Change Makers On Air: Episode 2 with Derek Rose
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Hey folks!

We’re back this week with Episode 2 of The Change Makers On Air series and this time we’re speaking to Derek Rose!

"Transformation isn’t a start-and-stop process. It’s a continuous evolution and continuous change," says Derek. Join us for a thought-provoking yet fun LIVE session with Derek Rose from V.Group and Angelica Reyes from Freshworks as they chat about digital transformation on land and water and find out what a good partnership between IT and business should look like.

Here’s what we know about Derek Rose so far:

  • In the spring of 2019, Derek took over as Deputy CIO at V.Group, one of world’s largest marine services company.
  • He drove a wide-reaching digital transformation of the company’s global IT operations.
  • He closed down all support backchannels, promoted Freshservice as the central IT hub and reinforced the change with a large internal marketing campaign.

But...the story DOES NOT end here!

Here’s what you’ll find out from the Live:

  • What’s Derek’s go-to resource to learn about technology?
  • What new innovations impress him the most?
  • Which business leader does he admire?

RSVP to the event below and join us today!

Catch us LIVE now!


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