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The Change Makers On Air: Episode 3 with Prasad Ramakrishnan

  • 16 December 2021
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The Change Makers On Air: Episode 3 with Prasad Ramakrishnan
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Hello again!

We’ve arrived to the final episode of The Change Makers On Air series and this time we’re speaking to Prasad Ramakrishnan!

Before joining Freshworks, when Prasad was the CIO of a pharmaceutical SaaS company, he tapped his employees to augment a standard software selection process. He recruited a cross-functional evaluation team and challenged the 75-strong team to evaluate each potential ITSM platform’s features and functionality. Interesting? Join us for a fun LIVE session with Prasad Ramakrishnan and @AlanBerkson from Freshworks as they discuss the “must-haves” on a CIO’s resume and more.

Here’s what we know about Prasad so far:

  • Prasad employed a unique strategy to upend IT transformation at a leading SaaS pharmaceutical company.

  • He drove a democratic selection process to play around and explore a shortlist of ITSM

    vendors—Freshervice emerged as the winner.

  • Seeing the impact of Freshervice on IT, Prasad pitched the tool to the marketing team as an

    alternative. The experiment was a huge success.

But...the story DOES NOT end here!

Here’s what you’ll find out from the Live:

  • What career lesson did Prasad learn the hard way?

  • What according to him is a must-have on a CIO’s resume?

  • What are three things he would say to aspiring change makers?

RSVP to the event below and join us today!

Catch us LIVE now!

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