What are common IT Operations Challenges that you face?

  • 25 June 2021
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What are common IT Operations Challenges that you face?
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IT Operations are the bread and butter of any enterprise's functioning, more so during these times when our IT dependencies have increased by manifolds. With the increase in demand comes a lot of pressure and an equal amount of challenges.

Some common and critical challenges in IT Operations Management are

1. Managing cloud-based resources in your IT estate

2. Difficulties with stone-age legacy systems

3. The Deployment Nightmare

4. Drowning in data

How can we solve for these challenges? To know that, make sure you read our blog!

What are some IT Operations Challenges that you have or are facing? Share them with us!

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I remember 4-5 years back, the biggest challenge for us with ITOM used to be the unavailability of budget to accommodate good tools, people and solutions that can help us manage the operations better. So we often had our IT teams under constant pressure with lack of resources that could have actually helped us perform better and effectively.


I am loving how much things have changed, technologies and processes have evolved and knowledge and best practices have come up in the last few years.