Google Sheets Orchestration in Workflows - Update Row Values

  • 27 January 2023
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Has anyone worked with Google Sheets Orchestrations regarding the Update Spreadsheet Row Values Action?

Currently I use the Google Sheets Orch in Workflows to populate Google sheets based on “Service Request is submitted” but I have a few teams that would like to have the rows updated if a value is updated. Examples: Catering request where the requester changes a date or updates a custom field response. Or, an employee term date is updated in the ticket. I’d need the workflow to find the exact ticket and correlate with the matching row in the sheet. 

I’ve attempted to use the updated action, but it continually overwrites the first row in testing, and doesn’t do anything in a live ticket. 

My workaround is to only have the spreadsheet populate when the agent checks a “confirmed box” after they’ve noted that the request fields are confirmed, but we’d rather have it continually update and not rely on the agent having to check the box and then go back and update the ticket status. Not sure if this is even possible. 

0 replies

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