Do more with the Freshworks product suite!

  • 10 September 2021
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Do more with the Freshworks product suite!
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Welcome to our brand new series ‘Do more with Freshworks’! This series, published monthly, will share some of our favourite apps that integrate with different products from the Freshworks suite. These apps help provide a variety of business solutions that can enable you to do more with our products. 


For this month’s edition we’re happy to introduce three apps that have been extremely popular among Freshworks customers. Here they are: 


Slack: Bring the power of Slack messaging to your Freshworks product. 




Slack integrates independently with Freshdesk, Freshservice and Freshsales and has a variety of features and functions. With this integration you’ll be able to: 


  •  Improve collaboration between your agents and internal teams through real time Slack notifications (Freshdesk)

  • Collaborate on deals right within Slack and close deals faster with contextual information. (Freshsales)

  • Perform operations in Freshservice from Slack using workflows to optimize users and usage. (Freshservice)

  • Deploy a virtual agent that uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand end user queries and assists them by providing solutions and in raising service requests. (Freshservice)


You can read  more about the integration and install it from the Freshworks Marketplace


Slack + Freshdesk, Slack + Freshservice, Slack + Freshsales, Servicebot for Slack


G Suite: Install these integrations to boost productivity and give your agents super powers. 




Integrating the Google suite of Products with your Freshworks Products can help you:


  • Stay on top of your calendar and manage meeting invites.

  • Browse and share files, such as FAQs, solution articles, best practices, and sales decks, from your storage.

  • Join video calls to address customer issues, extend IT support, or make a sales pitch.


View the entire GSuite + Office360 Suite here. 


Microsoft Teams: Improve collaboration and ease of use for your teams with FW and MS teams.  Here’s how: 


  • Alway get notified about the tickets assigned to you while you’re collaborating with your co-workers on Teams. (Freshdesk)

  • Set up automations that will trigger actions/alerts on MS Teams. For example with this integration you’ll be able to create and manage teams, channels, chat, set alerts for various triggers etc. (Freshservice)


To learn more about the integration or to download it, check out the listing in the Freshworks marketplace: Microsoft Teams + Freshdesk, Microsoft Teams + Freshservice


There you have it folks, a quick look at some of our most popular apps. You can explore the Freshworks Marketplace at any time for apps that can help solve unique problems and give superpowers to your agents and employees! 


We’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback and requests - let’s chat in the comments!

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