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  • 22 September 2021
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App Ideathon, 2021📍 Online


App Ideathon,2021


I am Juhi, and I involve myself in connecting customers and developers.

As Freshworks' users, I am sure you might have come across instances where there can be a gap that could've been solved with an app or an integration you've been waiting for.

We want to hear from you. We're kicking off App Ideathon.

Join this conversation and let us know what kind of app challenges you think app developers could solve.

  • Describe them clearly with business scenarios.

  • Highlight the level of impact it may have on your team.

  • Share examples or links that can help someone reading this thread envision the problem statement you propose to solve.

We're excited to hear from you. Some of the ideas on this thread may come to reality as we share this thread across our developer community as part of the upcoming App Challenge!

Not sure if app developers can solve the problem? Still, go ahead and just post it. We can together find alternative workarounds.


Juhi Singh 1 month ago

Hello folks!

Thank you so much for participating in App Ideathon 2021.  We are thrilled to have received an impressive number of responses! For now, we are closing the submission but don’t worry if you missed adding up this time - we will come back with another app ideathon shortly.

Those who have submitted the idea, we will be announcing the winners soon. 
Stay Tune🏆🙉


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Nice! I’m interested to know of the use cases that are present out there. :grinning:

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I’d love to see an app for scheduling a meeting in a reply for a FreshDesk ticket. Another great addition would be an approval workflow if a ticket needs referring back to someone else at the customer site first

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Really interested to see some of the ideas that come through this challenge :grinning: !

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A notice board app


Admins can add any announcement or For-Your-Information kind of messages on the app and it will be shown to all the agents until manually closed or confirmed read. It can also be configured to show at certain cases like moving ticket to resolved status, change ticket priority to urgent, before replying and so on.


Example use case

It would be useful when introducing new processes to the portal and educate all the agents with the new process contextually. For example, it can really be useful when a new custom field is added.


I am not sure if there are any alternative automations available. But, it will be really impactful for remote collaboration within our team.

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Many a times when I am working on multiple tickets on Freshservice, I feel like if there is repository of links that I can store in the app. :levitate:


I can always revisit the app, and look at the series of links I stored and retrieve them. I can use it open other web site to fetch information for ticket requester or simply copy them and use them in my replies. :smile:


This would hugely help improve my productivity and reduce distraction from having 10-20 tabs open on my browser. :grin:

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Problem statement: As I work in freshchat (freshdesk messaging) we have conversations for each user. So in freshchat we provide almost all kind of reports regarding overall agent performance, overall app performance etc… So we provide those info as metrics like (first response time, resolution time, etc..) for group wise, agent wise. But we dont have a metrics for a end user wise...) And it would be difficult to scroll through all interactions for a conversation.

Proposed Idea: Say a sample conversation has more interactions(>5 interactions) . So more the interactions the more we should understand the enduser well. To understand the enduser expectations we might need metrics for end user wise(conversation wise)..
So we can have a marketplace app where it provides details for the enduser wise..
These are the metrics which I thought to get better understanding about the enduser mind:

  • No of interactions.
  • CSAT satified times: count/total
  • avg number of msgs per interaction
  • Analyse the longest time interval if customer doesn’t respond back
  • avg time taken by customer per interaction
  • avg time gap btw each interaction
  • no of times a desk ticket have been raised
  • avg csat rating -> if unsatisfied Analyse and set priority for desk ticket

These metrics will be definitely useful if we have more than 5 interactions with enduser. And this marketplace app can be added in the conversation overview  so that the agent gets clarity whether this enduser was( unsatified/satisfied enduser ).


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Problem statement

This problem is primarily applicable for ecommerce/D2C brands.

Lets say that a customer is browsing through an e-commerce/D2C site/app wanting to purchase an item. During checkout he is trying to apply a discount which he is not able to. He reaches out to a support agent who is able to help him with this and enables the customer to make a purchase. This is a conversion/purchase that has happened where the agent has been able to influence revenue directly and should be added against the agent. At the end of the month , there is typically a report pulled out which calls out the sales contribution done by each agent for the month/ time-period and they are paid incentives/ variables based on this contribution. 

An alternate use case could be,  a customer is spending X mins on a page viewing a particular item, through triggered campaigns in Freshchat we are able to pop up a message to the user which initiates a conversation with the customer and eventually leading to conversion. The end objective is the same in both cases - CONVERSION leading to revenue.

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Problem statement

Many a times we have agents making calls to customers to understand in detail about a support issue that they had raised/ calling back on some enquiry etc. There is a common practice among companies to have a standard script on how to go about greeting customers during a call , how to respond for specific questions raised, how to handle objections etc. This is currently not available for agents to see and use.

We could have an app where an admin could upload a standard script which is visible for agents to see and use during the time they are taking and making calls. Just enhances the brand consistency.


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A simple turn on- turn off for Freshchat widget for the admins with having to make code changes at a script level. Saves a lot of time for admin and reduces their dependency on IT teams to make this change

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Contract Management App

We currently have a contract Management app in Freshservice used by MSP’s. The App stores Total hours subscribed by a client and a Threshold value below which the Available Hours will be Highlighted in Red in the Ticket Details view. Whenever Time Entry is added to the Ticket, the time is Subtracted from the available hours.
Would like to have an option in the app to notify client when the threshold value is reached to remind them to by more hours for continued support. It would also be nice if we are able to Display the available hours information in the Customer Portal for each Client based on which client is logged in.

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Out of Office App

In the Out of Office App for Freshservice, under Agent Availability currently we are able select a date and see the agents who have applied for leave on that selected date. It would be nice to have a Calendar view where can see all the Agents who have applied for leave for a selected Duration eg) a week or the option to select a From and To date .

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Inventory stock count notification

Hi Team,

Freshservice has the capabilities to add and manage assets. It will be great to have notifications triggered when the number of available (in-stock) asset count is reduced below a threshold, so the purchase order team can plan accordingly for future assets.

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Wooww! Loving all the ideas that are coming in! :heart_eyes:

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As I work for Freshsales Suite aka FreshworksCRM, highlighting few frequent asks from Customer end 

  • Ability to quick export records at the module level by simply creating filters. Also, the columns to be included in the export file should be customizable.
    ​​​​​​​Although, this is currently possible through analytics, rather than going for a report creation, a simple instant export at the module level would be great help
  • Having back & forth buttons at the list & record view, for navigation between the records
  • Branching conditions possible to be configured inside Workflows
  • Activity Dashboards for Managers. Instead of having the activity dashboards at user level, managers should be able to quickly view the sales activities of his team members
  • Supporting ‘Group’ data type for custom fields. i.e : One record in Module 1 can be associated to multiple records in Module 2

Freshsales Problem Statement:

Any deals going through pipeline stages will go through negotiation cycle. During Negotiation, many times there will be discount approval system where deal discount will go to the manager if discount percentage is going beyond certain percentage (let us say, above 50%), then it will be going to Sales Manager for his approval. If it is going beyond certain percentage (let us say, 80%), then the deal will go to Sales Head for Approval. Once we get the approval, then deal will move ahead from pipeline stage.

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I thought it best to involve in a few folks who I’ve seen engage with a problem or two across the Community.

@pcooke, @Aazir, @JiriGrohmann, @mmccoy -- would you like to submit any ideas/problems you’d love to see get solved? Let us know. :grinning:

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Thanks @ThatCommunityGuy! Tagging a few more folks from the community who can add on to this thread: 

@mark.uther @stevemc @JulianeB @i.cameron @caygri @Bethany Wesley @invokker @grayeson @Sophie Murgatroyd @Raunak @Naro06514 @indust @Elle Spark @evlo96 @gkperikles@Warden Brown @Bex @hanneskola @MBraga @markwill @patricksawyer @m.rieder  @zachary.king @GlennA @Jarrod @Johan L @danwrite @foxcubmama @keefe.andrews 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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A scheduled webhook App to run webhooks in Freshservice


Problem statement: I would like to trigger an API call from Freshservice to create child tickets/update tickets when certain date condition is met.

For example, If I have an onboarding request where the joining date is next week 19th, the child tickets to provision laptop and access to common applications should be triggered when the date is 19th.


How the app could work: 

When to run - daily

Condition - Filter all open tickets where service item is onboarding and joining date is today

Action - For each ticket met condition trigger webhook with JSON body to create child tickets



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Objective: To provide option to customize reports

Customer segment: 

Regulated industry - Customers who need to submit report for auditing and compliance. Eg: Banks, Insurance, Fintech, Telecom

Service industry - Customers who use Freshdesk to provide service to their end customer eg: Facility Managment, BPO, Call centre

Problem Statement: 

These customers require the actual data to be exported in a format of their choice, customise the look and the format. 

In Freshdesk, the recorded data points are available for download in csv or pdf. However, the description field, notes and other text fields are not available for export. 

Using the app, we should be able to

  • choose the relevant data points using filter
  • Able to add free text field also to the report
  • Able to sort the column in any order
  • Able to customise the colour, font, and add logo to the product if required.
  • Schedule this report on based on daily, weekly, monthly basis
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I think one of the apps on the marketplace that can be expanded is the MS Exchange - Orch application. Right now it mainly performs calendar interactions, but I think it could also be useful for automating requests where users are asking to be added to shared mailboxes, delegated senders, and being added to distrubution lists.

While not an app, a time based trigger in the workflow automator would be a very cool enhancement, as some of our requests are for actions that need to happen at a certian time in the future.

Also, it would be handy to present to the requestors how many open tickets there are, so they have an idea of how busy the different departments are with the existing incidents and requests.

Another app idea is to be able to generate billing out of the freshservice system based on what hours are marked as billable and what billing rates are set for each agent. This could futher be expanded if assets could have a status category of “on lease” and invoices could be generated based on what assets are assigned to divisions or projects. 


An app that can clear sensitive information from a ticket with the press of a button.

Usecase: Customer reaches out to update their CC information on file. The agent does this for the customer and then wants to remove the CC information from the thread. 

I’ve a list of few functionalities that I had thought could be really helpful.

  1. Escalations before reaching the limit of spam score and the reason on what made the spam score go high. And guide on how to bring the spam score low or avoid it happening again.
  2. Report on when did the agents switched on and off of Ticket assigning in a day
    Report on when did the agents login and logout in a day
  3. Report/Analysis on what are the words/phrases searched by the user
  4. Report on understanding the behaviour of search done by the users before raising a ticket.
    Columns could be some of the following
    1. Relevant Ticket Details columns (Ticket ID is a must column)
    2. Number of searches done
    3. Words/Phrases searched by the user before raising the ticket
  5. Scheduled Report wrt Forum Posts
    1. Number of topics posted in each Category and sub category every day
    2. For each topic post,
      1. number of views by users (not agents),
      2. number of comments by agents,
      3. Number of comments by users,
      4. Number of upvotes on each comment,

Opportunity Statement

Managing information security risks is inevitable and it only grows as the size of the company grows. Information security is about managing the information assets in the sense that:

  • Org. has visibility of its assets, its users, and their roles;
  • Manages changes to its systems and data;
  • Monitors issues and incidents that could pose a business risk;
  • Manages vendors (including third party tools); and
  • Follows a cadence of Reviews and Audits

As an all round ITSM tool, Freshservice sits as the centre piece of this puzzle, by enabling companies manage its assets, requests, issues, and vendors. In short, the tool has most of the context to enable companies manage its information security risks.


Build curated workflows that allows companies to setup their process with a view of risks and controls. While there could be numerous fine-graining in achieving this, suggesting some sample flows:

  • Define a Risk Control Matrix as a database - Risks, and controls that can be tagged to various assets and process flows; Whenever these assets or processes go through an access, change, issue - bring-up the context of Risks and Controls for companies to enable taking better decisions. Provide Risk and Control concentration report by assets, or departments or processes.
  • Privacy - Data Management process - Setup curated fields for companies to determine what information that they are collecting from each of their managed assets; mark whether these are essential or not, determine the storage locations of these assets, identify any third-parties involved in managing these assets etc. Provide an org. wide visibility of personal data that are collected and processed.
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Field Service Management - Child service ticket to Parent ticket 

A field service agent is on the ground. He visits the customer’s location to troubleshoot issues. While doing it, he/she adds photos, notes and other details to troubleshoot the issue at hand. 

When a parent ticket opens a child service task, the above information lies within the child ticket. The field service agent can do multiple visits and the information remains within the respective child tickets.

App idea:

An app should give an option to transfer the attachment, notes and description to the parent ticket at a single click.


How does this help?

Customers would have flexibility to configure workflows. Generate reports of the tickets along with the details of the issues. 

  1. Customer facing content or documents for reps that surfaces by sales stage, solution etc in CRM. It would be something the rep is able to see as suggested content based on the inputs of their deal in CRM.
  2. Something that searches linkedin or other platforms for job changes then sends a CRM notification on the contact. These are often warm leads we can go after right when they begin a new job if they are already using Freshworks, why not follow up to see if they want to use it at their next company. (This also may involve routing the to appropriate sales rep that may no longer be the old rep).