Freshdesk Agent Fundamentals

  • 28 July 2020
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Are you a new Freshdesk agent? Not sure where to start or what are the basic features you need to know? Then this is the right place to start. This series is a collection of courses that help you understand how some of the basic Freshdesk features should be used.

2 replies

Can we get visibility into all agents at our company that have completed their Freshdesk Agent Fundamentals Certification? Or a list of all U.S. Xpress employees that have any certification? Could we get an email confirmation sent to every time someone with an @usxpress email completes any academy certification? We are onboarding an additional 277 agents over the next 2 months and tracking their certifications (which is required before they are able to start working in Freshdesk at our company). 


Our current method of providing a screenshot in the training ticket is very cumbersome. 

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Hey Bethany, sorry about the delay in responding to your comment. I guess there has been a mix-up. I made a list of all US express employees who've finished the Agent Fundamentals course and you'll receive an email about this today. 

To make sure you're on top of your employee training, we can send you a monthly update about certifications they take up on Academy. I hope this helps. Feel free to write to me if you need anything else.