Introducing Article Templates in Freshdesk Knowledge Base!

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Hello everyone,

We’re super thrilled to roll out Article Templates for Freshdesk Knowledge Base. You can start creating templates for your articles and make the entire content creation process fast and efficient.

Article Templates in Freshdesk

Manage templates

With the list page, it's quick and easy to access all your templates - create new ones, clone from an existing one or even get started with an article using a template.

Manage Article Templates in Freshdesk

Create Templates

You can create templates such as step-by-step guides, installation guides, how-to or release notes based on your business needs and the team can simply choose from the list of templates to start working on their articles. With granular permissions, you get to choose who has the permission to create and manage templates within the team. 

Create Article Templates in Freshdesk

Mark as default

Many a time, you would always want your team to get started on a specific template rather than starting on an empty page. The default template option can also be extended to add certain content and formatting guidelines as well as sharing author instructions. 

Default Article Templates in Freshdesk

Insert templates

Using a template is pretty simple, you get to preview the templates and add them in a click - either from the templates page or the article page. You can also add multiple templates in your articles if need be.

Insert Article Templates in Freshdesk

Read this article to learn more about article templates and how to get started with it. We'd love to hear your feedback so please feel free to drop your comments here.



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