Offline availability, Geotagging, Custom push notifications and other updates (Through July 09, 2020)

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Field Service Management

Offline availability- With the new update, field technicians will be able to access service tasks assigned to them even if they lose internet connectivity while traveling to customer locations. Learn more about offline availability in FSM here.

ASEAN Languages ready - Field technicians can now view and resolve customer issues in Chinese (traditional & simplified), Malay, Thai and Indonesian languages. 

Edit appointments -If field techs have a change of plan, delay, or if a task is taking longer than expected, they can edit their own appointment date and time through the app and keep everyone informed. 

Geotagging - Field techs can use the geotagging feature on the mobile app to 'drop a pin on the map' to mark the correct geographical location of any service task, either upon contacting the customer over a call or upon reaching the location (for future references).


Parent-child ticketing - Parent-child ticketing feature on the mobile app as well. They can

View the type of ticket (parent/child)

View the child tickets associated with a parent (and vice versa)

Create new child tickets and split a customer query to multiple tasks and issues

How: Look out for an icon in the ticket list and in the detail pages. 

Click on Ticket Actions (3-dot icon on the top right) to view the parent ticket or the child ticket list.

In the child ticket list page, click on the '+' icon to create a new child ticket.

Service task management - Agents belonging to accounts with FSM enabled can view and create service tasks for incoming tickets. Field technicians will be instantly notified on their app once the service task is assigned to them.

How: Look out for an icon in the ticket list and in the detail pages.  

Click on Ticket Actions (3-dot icon on the top right) to view the parent ticket or the service task list. 

In the service tasks list page of the parent, click on the '+' icon to create a new service task.

Additional custom push notifications - The following push notifications have been added to the Freshdesk mobile app:

  • Reminders on first response

  • Reminders on resolution time

  • Escalations on first response

  • Escalations on resolution time

These notifications are customizable and can be switched on/off when required. Read more about customizing push notifications

Agent availability toggle - The agent availability toggle can be switched off if the agent does not wish to get tickets assigned to them. In order to get the availability toggle to appear for agents, the "Allow agents to control availability" dialogue box should be selected in all the groups they are in. Get to know how to enable agent availability toggle for agents. 

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