Mobile app bug fixes (March'20-May'20)

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Android & iOS

1. App Crashes on accessing push notifications

App crashed whenever FSM push notifications came through. This has been fixed.

2. FSM appointment time displayed in the wrong format

On the edit properties page of a service task type ticket, if the appointment time is set at 12.00 am/pm, it is displayed as 00.00 pm/am.This is fixed now. 

3. Unable to respond in other languages

When the keyboard input was changed to any other language , the agents were not able to type the replies to the ticket. This is fixed.

4. Due date option for service tasks

Due date option was displayed for service tasks. This is fixed now and is now disabled.

5. Images in Signature are broken in mobile app

The images in agent signature were broken. This is fixed now.

6. Ticket subject was not hidden after replying

When you reply to a ticket and click on the ‘send’ button, the UI breaks and the ticket subject is not hidden. This is fixed.

7. Incorrect requester mapped to the created service task

When a service task is created, the Agent who created  the service task should be the requester. But the contact was added as the requester for the created service task. This is fixed now.

8. Tags are not searchable in ticket details page

Agents were not able to search for tags in the ticket details page via the app. This is fixed.

9. Attachments from the ticket description are not pre-populated in the Forward widget

When the agents tried to forward the ticket, the attachment in the ticket was not pre-populated. This is fixed now.

10. Checkboxes that were mandatory for closing a ticket were not validated while closing a ticket

When agents tried to close a ticket without filling the mandatory fields, the ticket was anyway closed without validating the mandatory fields. This is fixed.

11. Replies saved as draft when agent uses ‘Send and Set As' action without filling any mandatory fields

Replies saved as draft when agent uses ‘Send and Set As' action without filling any mandatory fields This is fixed.

12. Reply to forwarded note was getting added as public instead of private

When an agent replied to a forwarded ticket, it was added as a public note in the ticket instead of private. This is fixed.

13. App crashes when notifications are received in bulk

The app crashed when there were multiple notifications at the same time. This is fixed.

14. App crashes while ticket details page is launched

The app crashed when an agent opens a ticket and goes into the ticket details page. This is fixed.

15. Empty notifications

The notifications appeared without any text in the app. This is fixed now.

16. Intermittent notifications

The agents did not receive any notifications for most of the activities. It was only sent intermittently. This is fixed now and then notifications are sent then & there.


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