Mobile app Enhancements (March'20-May'20)

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Android & iOS

1. App translation

Now the app can be translated into 4 new languages- Indonesian , Thai, Chinese & Malay.

2. Agent collision 

Agent collision feature now supports RTS.

3. Enable/ disable availability for support agents

The agents can now set their availability for automatic ticket assignment by turning on/off the availability toggle from the app settings.

4. Hide secure fields while editing forms

The agents will not be able to view/edit the secure fields even from the mobile app now. This is in accordance with the PCI compliance. 

5. Internet connection banner when an agent comes online

Agents will be able to see an updated banner when their internet connectivity is established while using the app. They can refresh the page and view the latest online content.

6. FSM-Offline settings enhancements :

*Settings page offline

A field technician will be able to access Rate App & About this app in the settings page. He can also view his profile info - name, email ID, and portal ID.

*Locate and call customer offline

When a field technician is offline, he will be able to click on locate and call icons on the service task detail page. When he clicks on locate, the map application will open. When he clicks on the call, the dialer application will appropriately open.

*Disable offline login

Field technicians will be able to log in while there is no internet connection.

*Clear offline data upon logout

The offline data will be cleared when the field technician logs out.

*Offline time filter

Field technicians will be able to filter all available dates based on cached data.

*Offline status filter 

Field technicians will be able to view only unresolved service tasks.

*Service tasks offline content

Field technicians will be able to view the following data while offline:

  • Top 100 open service tasks (assigned to him), sorted in ascending order of appointment start time

  • For each service task, he can view the following: description (attachments need not be downloaded), customer name, title of the service task, location, appointment date & time (start and end), status, requester, created time,

  • In the service task list, he can view a message "You're viewing a cached version of the app, and your data may not be current"

  • In the service task detail page, he can view a message "There may be more messages on this thread"

*Data will be cached periodically

  • Field technicians’ data will be repeatedly cached every two hours for offline purposes.

  • Unnecessary offline data will be cleared from the device with every sync

  • Each sync will only download additional items and not the entire list of tasks

  • The sync will take place even if the app is not in the foreground

 *Identify when offline and display banner

When the device loses data connectivity, the app will recognize and display a banner saying "You're offline" across all the  screens.


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