Freshdesk Bug Fixes (March’20 - May’20)

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  1. Issue with ‘Hide/Disable ticket fields’ app
    Even if a ticket field was configured to be hidden via the ‘Hide/Disable ticket fields’ app, the ticket field was still showing up. This is fixed now.

  2. Incorrect custom date field format in scheduled export
    The expected date format for the custom date and custom date time field is: yyyy-mon-ddThh🇲🇲ss in all the scheduled exports. But this was showing incorrectly in different formats. This is fixed now.

  3. Tickets not reopened when customer replied to a Twitter ticket
    Tickets weren't getting reopened even when the customer replied to the ticket. This was happening only for Twitter tickets. This is fixed now.

  4. 'Solutions/articles' page is throwing 500 error
    There was a 500 error thrown when agents tried to access the Solutions tab. This mostly happened in old UI and for few accounts in new UI.

  5. Agents not having access to manage agents were able to view agents page
    Agents who did not have access to manage users ability were able to view agents' pages. This is fixed.

  6. Discrepancy in translation
    When placeholders were used in the new ticket created notification, they were not translated to the configured language. This is fixed.

  7. Placeholders are not picking up values under Automations
    If there are placeholders configured under automations, they were not picking up the respective values. This is fixed now.

  8. Issue with installing Asana Connect app
    Admins were not able to download the Asana Connect app. When clicked on the install button, it kept redirecting back to the apps list page. This is fixed now.

  9. Code view in solution editor broken
    The code view in the solution editor was broken and this is fixed.

  10. 500 error displayed while using send & set as action
    When an agent clicked replied to a ticket with an attachment and clicked on ‘Send and Set as’, a 500 error was thrown in the ticket details page. Fixed now.

  11. Editor scrolls down automatically when clicking on 'Insert link' in the article toolbar.
    If you Edit an article and click on ‘Insert link’, the editor scrolls down automatically. This happens only when the article content is long and when there is no article interlinking feature. This is fixed now.

  12. Widget APIs are not loading for customers when IP whitelisting is enabled for Agents only
    When IP Whitelisting was enabled for Agents only, and when accessed using non-whitelisted IP addresses. Widget APIs dint work for Customers. This is fixed now.

  13. Reply from CC was not threaded when email address was in capital letters
    If the CC’s email address was and if the CC replied with the address ABC@GMAIL.COM, it did not thread to the respective ticket and it created a new ticket. The expected behaviour is that CC and BCC emails, whether they are capital case or lowercase, are ideally the same since emails are case insensitive. This is fixed now.

  14. Ticket count mismatch between custom dashboard and ticket list view
    On clicking a specific agent name inside a widget on a custom dashboard, it showed tickets of all agents in the list view whereas it should be showing only the tickets of the agent name clicked. When clicking onto a result , the directed ticket list shows all agent tickets with the clicked agent listed twice in the filters. This is fixed now.

  15. Issue with editing company domain
    While editing a company domain name of another company was given, an error message was not shown properly. This is fixed now.

  16. Date picker issue in edit SLA
    The date-picker that appeared while trying to manually edit the response/resolution SLA (from ticket details page) was not showing up properly. This is fixed now.

  17. ’Skill column’ not displaying existing values in the table view
    In the ticket’s table view, the skill column was not displaying the skill value of the tickets. This is fixed now.

  18. Canned responses count mismatch
    In the canned_response_folders show API, there was a count mismatch of folders and certain folders were being dropped from the result. This is fixed now.

  19. Replies only sent to primary email, when contact had multiple emails
    A contact has two email ids. A ticket is created using the secondary email. When the reply was sent, reply editor had the secondary email ID. After sending the reply, email gets sent to the primary email ID.This is fixed now.

  20. Activities are not shown for the ticket creation rule execution when the rule contains out of office
    Activities were not shown for the ticket creation rules execution when the rules contained out of office as a condition. This is fixed now.

  21. Unable to delete duplicate choices from UI
    Some accounts have duplicate choices for some dropdown nested fields. In new ticket fields when admin tried to delete the duplicate choices the `save` button was not responsive. This is fixed now.

  22. Canned response sidebar becomes empty when it is opened from another sidebar
    When agents click on Create a child ticket/ create a tracker, inside a ticket, the sidebar canned response from the description became empty. This is fixed.

  23. Time triggers rule executing multiple times
    The same Time Triggers rules were executed multiple times in the ticket in an undefined timeframe. This is fixed now.

  24. Contact wasn’t able to view tickets created by him but able to view other companies’ tickets
    Contacts having permission to view tickets from other companies weren’t able to view tickets created by him which weren't associated with that company. This is fixed.
  25. Customer responded tag missing on overdue tickets in sprout
    Customer responded tag was missing on overdue tickets for accounts in the Sprout plan. This is fixed now.

  26. Date range bug issue in ticket list view
    When the agent was choosing a ticket filter, the time range was auto-selected based on the machine time zone instead of the agent time zone. This is fixed now.

  27. Count mismatch in CSAT survey
    The CSAT count under the Reports and under Dashboard was varied. This is fixed.

  28. Requester email in a draft reply doesn't change upon changing the requester of the ticket
    Requester email in a draft reply didn’t change upon changing the requester of the ticket by clicking on "Add new contact". This is fixed now.

  29. Freshdesk/Freshsales integration issue
    Agents weren’t able to create leads from Freshdesk. This is fixed now.

  30. Misalignment in the ticket description
    When customers copy-paste content while creating a ticket, the agents were seeing a misaligned content in the ticket description. Fixed now.

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