Coming soon: Advanced Ticket Scope and Omnichannel Agent Management

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Managing your agents’ access to different groups and channels is going to get easier! We’re rolling out these updates in the coming weeks.

  1. The agent management module is getting a refreshing new look. You’ll be able to view your agents’ access to different groups and channels, right under Admin > Agents.


  1. With Advanced Ticket Scope, agents can get limited access to tickets in different groups. Workflows corresponding to these groups won’t apply to the agent. Every agent will be able to view a customer's ticket history, no matter which group they are assigned to. This feature is available on the Forest plan. 

  1. On the Omnichannel plans,agent management is centralized. You’ll be able to manage your agents’ access to Freshcaller and Freshchat, right from Freshdesk. If there’s a spike in the number of customer enquiries in a particular channel or a change in your team structure, you'll have the flexibility to move your agents between channels without worrying about onboarding or licenses.

We’ll be rolling out these updates in batches starting next week. Let us know what you think :)

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