Release Notes - 28 April 2021

Related products: Freshdesk Customer Success (formerly Freshsuccess)

New Features 

  • Churn Dashboards are now available to make it easier for customer success leaders such as the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) to report, analyze and forecast churn.

  • Along with the Churn Dashboards, we also introduced the below new Churn fields to help customer success teams track forecasted churns. 

    • Projected churn - a date field that captured the estimated future churn date

    • Churn reason - a dependent dropdown that can capture *why* an account is churning across up to 3 levels of dependency.

    • Churn likelihood - for CSMs to flag accounts as either at-risk or confirmed churning.

    • Churn description - a multi-line text field for CSM to add any anecdotal detail about the customer’s decision to leave.

  • We have added Region and Product as default account fields to power up your Freshsuccess dashboards, including the new Churn Dashboards.

  • We now support Freshcaller integration to allow CSMs to view and play back customer calls in Freshsuccess. 

Bug Fixes

  • There was a delay after closing the Account360 slider before it went away.

  • Ticket state filtering in the Communications center did not work properly.

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