Release Notes - 11 May 2021

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New Features 

  • Set email limit on CSM campaigns

    • To prevent unintended misfiring of campaigns to your customer base, we have added the ability to set limits on the no. of recipients each campaign or email trigger can send emails to.

    • Improvements to the campaign flow such as warnings and confirmations messages are also being added.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom date picker was broken while creating a user list.

  • “Add Goal” button was broken in the UI.

  • Unable to save the excluded domains list when multiple lengthy domains were added.

  • Account date fields were not showing up in the Management Center >> Manage Fields section.

  • There was no place to set or unset read-only for system fields.

  • Duplicate NPS records were shown in Account Overview >> NPS history.

  • Unable to export Goals due to the Due date filter set.

  • Error message would pop up when trying to view a deployed Goals playbook task.

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