Enhancements to the Custom Roles for agents

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We all know that custom roles in Freshdesk let you create profiles for agents which define the level of access each of them will have in your support portal; that is, you can dictate what you'd like each agent to see, do, and act on. You can define the level of access that agents will have on each role with respect to Tickets, Solution. Forum, Customer, Reports, and Admin.

Now, we have brought in some enhancements to the custom permissions that you can give to agents. We have given more granular classifications and access options to best suit various unique workflows. 

Roles and privileges in Analytics:

You can now provide agents with View, Edit, or Manage (includes edit and exports) access. 

  1. View - Agents can access curated reports and custom reports (based on your visibility). With view access, agents will not be able to add Filters but can view underlying data. They can also subscribe to reports

  2. Edit - In addition to view access, agents can create custom reports and add/edit filters in existing curated and custom reports (based on your visibility) and delete custom reports. Underlying data will also be visible

  3. Manage (includes edit and exports) - Along with edit access, agents can access Analytics settings and create/edit/delete and enable/disable schedules and exports

  4. By default, if an agent has View access in old Reports, they will have Edit access in Analytics. If they have Export reports access in old Reports, they will have Manage (includes edit and exports) in Analytics

Roles and privileges in Tickets: 

  1. Create a ticket: Apart from general tickets, agents can now create parent<>child tickets and linked tickets too

  2. Respond to a ticket: You can now choose whether you want an agent to reply to a ticket or just add a public note on the ticket 

  3. Edit ticket properties: You can choose to give agents the access to edit all the ticket properties or only the ticket status 

  4. Spam ticketYou can decide if an agent can get to mark a ticket as spam or not

Roles and privileges in FSM:

Previously Field agents could access Scheduling Dashboard, manage automation rules for service tasks. Now you can also give them access to create/update/delete service tasks

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Plan: These enhancements are available in Estate and Forest plan(Standalone+Omnichannel)
Release date: 27 May 2021

-Swetha Shiva, Community Manager, Freshworks


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