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  1. There was an issue with searching ticket IDs and company names under accounts with helpdesk language as Japanese. This is fixed
  2. A formatting issue occurred while using the ‘Attach file’ option and this is fixed 
  3. While typing in a ticket, when a word was removed using backspace, two spaces before the word were also removed. This is resolved 
  4. An exception error was shown when a user creating a sandbox had a name in other languages. This is fixed 
  5. An authentication error was shown while accessing the Analytics page and the reports did not load. This is resolved 
  6. After integrating Zapier and Freshdesk, some default fields were  not showing up and this is fixed 
  7. Agent availability was not getting updated and it is fixed now 
  8. While creating a solution article, the hyperlink was not appended to the selected word and this is resolved
  9. There were some translation issues with the canned response folders and it is fixed now 
  10. There were UI alignment issues in ticket and service task automation rule creation pages
  11. Due to migration to Orgv2, the helpdesk’s language and timezone was overridden and this is fixed now
  12. Solutions dashboard was not loading in omnichannel accounts and it is fixed now
  13. Priority field was not greyed out for agents with read-only access and it is resolved now
  14. Translation was missing in-app ticket notifications and it is fixed now 


-Swetha Shiva, Community Manager, Freshworks

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