Release Notes - 08 June 2021

Related products: Freshdesk Customer Success (formerly Freshsuccess)

Bug Fixes

  • The color of the health score breakdown was not defined on the Freshsuccess app for Freshsales.

  • Goals/tasks activities were not shown after a comment is updated on the slider view.

  • In Account360 > Contacts & Users page, when updating the display name of the custom user URL field, two toaster messages were displayed. 

  • On the account list view, the “MRR BY HEALTH SCORE” summary did not show the correct breakdown value.

  • Unable to select a saved email template when composing a direct email message.

  • Unable to unset “read-only" for the “Churn reason" field in the Manage Fields page.

New Metric

We added the “Churn likelihood” metric in the analytics to help report the history of this field. This metric reports a numerical value that can be aggregated across accounts to see risk changes over time. This report can be further added to the Account360 metrics page to help you monitor risk history for individual accounts. Today we report numerical value as follows (higher value higher risk):

  • No risk = 0
  • At risk = 50
  • Confirmed churn = 100
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