Freshdesk Release notes June 2021 [General & Mobile app]

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Release notes [General & Mobile app]

June 1st - June 31st, 2021

Bug fixes : 

  1. When an agent was mentioned in the notes, an error message “Agent access check is getting failed” was shown. This is fixed

  2. Custom fields in surveys were displayed as empty even when they were filled and this is resolved now.

  3. When the role of an agent is updated via API, a 403 error was thrown. This is fixed.

  4. An improper error message was displayed when the primary portal was deleted using API. This is fixed.

  5. The inline images were broken when a ticket was split into two tickets and this is resolved.

  6. Contacts were able to view all their company's tickets without access. This is fixed.

  7. The ‘Integrations’ icon was displayed under two different places on the Admin page and this is fixed.

  8. There were discrepancies in the date shown under Analytics in Freshdesk and under Call Metrics in Freshcaller. This is resolved.

  9. The auto-recharge check box under Plans & Billing was not checked by default. This is fixed.

  10. Merging tickets through using public APIs failed and this is resolved now.

  11. Actions buttons like ‘ Edit agent’, ‘Convert to a contact and reset password’ were not visible in the Firefox browser. This is fixed.

  12. Tickets were not getting assigned to available agents in Round Robin and this is resolved.

  13. Duplicate tickets were displayed in the ticket list view when access for a particular ticket was given to an agent. This is fixed.

  14. 500 internal error was thrown while creating multiple agents via API and this is fixed now.

Mobile app - Bug fixes:

  1. The Create Service task form was appearing to be dim. This is fixed and now it will appear to be bright and clear.

  2. Freshdesk app was getting crashed for an agent who does not have service task privilege. This is fixed and now the fab icon will not be displayed and the app will not be crashed.

  3. UI of new service task details after creation resembled that of a normal support ticket form. This is fixed and the service task details page will appear similar to the UI displayed in previous versions.

  4. “Something went wrong” error was shown after the app was launched. This is fixed.

  5. ‘Ticket Detail page deep links launched ‘New Ticket’ page for specific accounts and this is resolved now.


-Swetha S, Community Manager

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