Release Notes - 20 July 2021

Related products: Freshdesk Customer Success (formerly Freshsuccess)

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to update the Goal template after Goal automation

  • Misleading number of Not started Goals on the Goals dashboard

  • UI breakage: Value overlap on the connector dashboard

  • Product & Region field not available for use as account dimensions in Analytics

New Features

  • You can add a personalized email subject line (with variables) when creating the email template.

  • You can insert delays between each task in Goal playbooks.

  • You can set a task due date based on specific date & time.

Hi does anyone know when the project analytics will be available ? thanks 

@Newage2021 - I think I read in the 15th July release notes that it will be the 2nd August.  Double check though in case I have mixed it up with another update that is happening today :smile: