Canned Responses - Importing and Analytics

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Perform bulk actions to manage canned responses, and measure the quality and effectiveness effortlessly.


With this update, you can:

  • Create multiple new responses and update the existing ones in bulk with ease

  • Manage who gets the privilege to export/import these responses - be able to grant and remove access

  • Track and define metrics to measure the usage of canned responses per your business needs

  • Set permissions to view/share insights with necessary stakeholders, such as other admins, quality coaches, content writers, and even agents


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This is a Good Feature.

But this is possible only for the Admins. Agents can add their own personal canned responses, but this import option is not available for Agents.

It would be great if that can be implemented.

Hi Jebas, thank you for the feedback. We shall definitely look into this as we receive more requests for this use case.