CX Q1 2023 Roundup Webinar - April 19, 2023

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CX Q1 2023 Roundup Webinar - April 19, 2023

Keep up with the CX updates from the first quarter of the year with our latest webinar! 

Watch the recording to get more details on what we’ve covered in the CX Q1 2023 Roundup:

  • Our CX vision for 2023 and beyond
  • Q1 product innovations for CX
  • A sneak peek into what lies ahead in Q2 of 2023
Will the recording of the webinar be available to those who have registered?

Hi @Mykola Zhuravel  yes, please find the link to the recording here.

Hi @Sumana Srikanthan,


I appreciate you sending me the link. Could you please clarify the timeline for the user property analytics?


@Mykola Zhuravel We are enabling this in batches and it should be available for your account by the end of May. 

FYI @karthik.kumar