Freddy’s here! Automated Grouping now in Public Beta

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Freddy’s here! Automated Grouping now in Public Beta

Automated Grouping, which uses Freshservice’s Freddy Machine Learning algorithm to correlate alerts from disparate sources and enriches incidents, is now in Public Beta.

To check it out head to the Alert Automation Rules tab within Alert Rules on the Admin page. Note that Automated Grouping requires a minimum number of alerts and resources to kick into action. If you do not qualify as yet, you’ll have to wait for alerts to add up. 

In case you have a sufficient number of alerts and resources, you’ll need to ‘Enable’ Automated Grouping. Thereafter, you’ll start seeing Freddy-attached alerts in your alert pane. The algorithm is loaded with innate intelligence. However, since each organization has a unique digital setup, you might have to initially help Freddy finetune its skills by manually attaching and detaching alerts. Learn more.


Note: This feature is available to all customers on Pro and Enterprise plans.

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