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Freshchat Release Notes - December 2022

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Freshchat Release Notes - December 2022

All features mentioned below are available to customers as on Dec 15, 2022.

New Features and Enhancements


Conversation Switch in Freshchat

Empower agents contextually by letting them view historical conversations of a contact in the conversation pane without switching a single tab.

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Improved conversations widget for Freshchat

You can now access major self-service features, set up multiple widget instances, and more on the conversations widget. It supports all Freshchat use cases, making it the only widget you'll ever need!

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Freshchat - Gupshup SMS integration

Connect your Gupshup account with Freshchat and target outbound SMS campaigns based on the customer journey.

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Channel-specific bot builder in Freshchat

Tailor your bots before deploying them on a specific channel. This way, you can choose the elements supported in a channel where the bot is being deployed.

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Freshchat Response SLA

Set SLA targets for the first response and every response in Freshchat. You can also set up different response SLAs for multiple scenarios.

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Send notifications to multiple iOS apps in Freshchat

Freshchat now supports p8-key authentication for sending mobile push notifications to Apple devices. A single key can authenticate any number of apps managed by businesses.

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Localization for Bots in Freshchat

Further localize your bot features like the title, subtitle, Answers feedback, quick actions, and more. Manage all added languages from a single page and use these languages across modules without having to add a new language at every module.

More details here.



New offerings from Freshworks Professional Services 

Freshworks Professional Services team has recently launched four new offerings, namely: Managed Services, Health Assessment, Admin Coaching & Orchestration packages.

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Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. The translation file for multilingual for dialogs with rich media type did not translate the URL.


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