Release Notes

Freshchat Release Notes - July 2022

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Freshchat Release Notes - July 2022

New Features and Enhancements


Engage your customers through Google’s Business Messages 

Enable your customers and prospects to reach you through Google Search and Maps by integrating your Freshchat account with Google's Business Messages. 

More details here.



Answers settings for Bots

You can now configure the number of knowledge base articles the bot can recommend to the customer. Bots can address customer questions by recommending up to three knowledge base articles in order of relevance. 

More details here.



Dialog enhancements for Bots

You can now add a new dialogue between existing dialogues. You can click on the "+" icon between 2 dialogues, and pick the "New Message" option to add a dialogue quickly.

More details here.



Changes to Freshworks sub-processor list

We plan to update our sub-processor list. We will be adding the following sub-processors to our list.

  1. DataStax Inc

  2. Sumologic

We will be removing the following sub-processors from our list:

  1. Google Cloud Platform

Freshworks performs an annual review of its sub-processors to ensure their compliance with the appropriate technical and organizational measures. To know more about these measures, we encourage you to read our Data Processing Addendum and Privacy Notice completely. If you have any questions about this update, please write to

More details here.


Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. The first letter in the agent name was capitalized by default while it was displayed in the bot.

  2. Customers were unable to delete agents from their Freshchat account due to their account not being updated.

  3. New chat notifications did not pop up for a few customers.

  4. Email notifications for older chats were triggered for a few customers when end users reopened a conversation.

  5. The Shopify integration link on Freshworks Marketplace was not working.

  6. Business Hours condition was not working for a few customers.

  7. The first response time was captured wrongly in Freshchat raw reports for a few agents.

  8. Japanese characters were distorted when displayed in the customer profile settings of Freshchat.

  9. The ‘New Segment’ UI in Freshchat was showing a tooltip in irrelevant places. 

  10. The email sent to notify customers of a new conversation did not have the right link. 

  11. Custom flows dropdown power select was flashing on and off. 

  12. When a button was configured in the bot builder and deployed in the Freshchat widget, the text box was also displayed below the buttons.

  13. In-app notifications for reopened conversations navigated to New messages view instead of Notification view.

  14. If any radio button is configured in the Freshchat Conversations widget, the button was displayed on top even on minimizing the widget. 

  15. Bot name was not displayed completely due to the first name and last name configuration from the backend.

  16. An error was displayed for a few customers when they tried to deploy a bot template in the conversations widget. 

  17. The Message Assist functionality was greyed out for a few conversations to aid in developing a robust training model.

  18. Data in the Volume section of the Conversation Performance Report was missing.


Really love this release! Love the Dialog enhancement for Bots!