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Freshchat Release Notes - June 2022

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Freshchat Release Notes - June 2022

New Features and Enhancements


Engage with customers through Instagram DMs in Freshchat

You can link multiple Instagram Business accounts and support customers from one Freshchat account. Agents can send and receive DMs, respond to story replies and comments, and deploy bots to deliver a personalized conversational experience.

More details here.



Answers settings for Bots in Freshchat

You can now configure the number of knowledge base articles the bot can recommend to the customer. Bots can address customer questions by recommending up to three knowledge base articles in order of relevance. 

More details here.



Article and rating support for the conversations widget in Freshchat

The Freshchat conversations widget now supports clickable articles and bot feedback messages configured through the bot builder.

More details here.



WhatsApp usage metrics in Freshchat

Monitor the usage and billing for each WhatsApp number integrated with your Freshchat account with WhatsApp usage metrics.
More details here.



Industry-based bot templates in Freshchat

With this update, you will now be able to use templates for Healthcare and Telecom industries. Go bot-first in your support to handle FAQs, and save time for your customers who can now help themselves, and your agents. 

More details here.


Custom agent status in Freshchat

Get complete visibility into how agents spend their time when they’re unavailable to assist new customers via chat. Enable agents to update their availability in real-time and understand how they spend their time on a day-to-day basis.
More details here.



Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. Bots on the conversations widget displayed an error message for a few customers.

  2. There were agent email sync issues between Freshdesk and Freshchat.

  3. New chat notifications did not pop up for a few customers.

  4. Email notifications for older chats were triggered for a few customers when end users reopened a conversation.

  5. The auto-resolve feature got disabled for a few customers automatically.

  6. Business Hours condition was not working for a few customers.

  7. Customers’ websites slowed down after integrating their website with Freshchat.

  8. FAQs were not displayed on WhatsApp for a few customers.

  9. The filter on the People page was not working as expected.

  10. The email sent to notify customers of a new conversation did not have the right link.

  11. Few customers were unable to access conversation labels.

  12. Customers were unable to connect their Twilio number to their Freshchat account.

  13. The wait time was miscalculated for a few customers in the conversations overview report.

  14. Customers were unable to view the number of conversations tagged under each sub-category in Conversation Label reports.

  15. Answers were not being displayed in the conversations widget for a few customers.

  16. An error was displayed for a few customers when they tried to deploy a bot template in the conversations widget.

  17. The group header messages did not get translated to the selected language.

  18. The Unified Bot Builder did not work as expected after the account URL change.

  19. The end user name was not getting accepted in the Thai language.

  20. The bot was displayed in English even when the language set was German.

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