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Freshdesk and Freshdesk Omnichannel Release Notes - December 2022

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Freshdesk and Freshdesk Omnichannel Release Notes - December 2022

All features mentioned below are available to customers as on Dec 15, 2022.

New Features and Enhancements


Freshdesk Custom Objects is now on the Pro plan

With this update, if you are on the Pro plan, you can use Custom Objects to capture all the relevant information from the get-go and have your agents solve customer issues contextually.

More details here.



Advanced privileges for ticket list view and scenario automation in Freshdesk

Have more control to manage access privileges for ticket list views and scenario automation and decide how your agents can create, view, and share them.

More details here.



Merge ticket enhancements in Freshdesk

Agents can merge tickets with association types (parent/child/related), and set up smart automation rules to ignore faulty CSATs getting triggered on merged tickets.

More details here.




New offerings from Freshworks Professional Services 

Freshworks Professional Services team has recently launched four new offerings, namely: Managed Services, Health Assessment, Admin Coaching & Orchestration packages.

More details here.


Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. Audio files were not working on the ticket details page.

  2. The delete dialog box didn’t close when customers clicked on ‘Delete’ on the ticket summary page.

  3. Freshsales form didn’t load on the ticket details page for a few customers.

  4. The customer portal displayed an error when customers added a custom CSS in portal customization.

  5. The date picker on customer portal did not display the selected date.

  6. An error was displayed when emails were removed from a contact associated with multiple emails.

  7. Customers were unable to integrate their Freshchat account to Freshdesk.

  8. An error was thrown when customers tried to set up an automation rule with agent status ‘out of office.’ 

  9. The order of fields was changed when it was copied from one section to another.

  10. All tickets were exported when customers applied a filter and tried to export the filtered tickets.

  11. Agents were able to see the ‘Load more’ option on the contact details page even if there were only one or two activities.

  12. The primary ticket didn’t get updated when customers tried to merge two tickets.

  13. Email IDs added in CC during ticket creation did not show up after the ticket was created.

  14. No error was shown when a ticket with an existing association was linked with another parent ticket.

  15. The Reports tab was not visible for a few customers.

  16. The company field did not sync as expected between Freshdesk and Freshservice.

  17. An error was displayed when an attachment with any extension was added to a ticket.

  18. Customers were unable to view archived tickets using the Search tab.

  19. The article modifier name was displayed on the portal even after customers disabled the ‘Display autor name on this portal’ option.

  20. Ticket list views with the option ‘Agents is Me’ did not show up on the custom widget dashboard for a few customers.


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