Release Notes

Freshdesk and Freshdesk Omnichannel Release Notes - July 2022

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Freshdesk and Freshdesk Omnichannel Release Notes - July 2022

New Features and Enhancements


Freshdesk Analytics enhancements

Get better insights from your data by exporting reports with single-line text fields. With deep linking, every report and widget inside Analytics will have a unique link so that one can share the reports with other users within Freshdesk.

More details here.



Auto-triage enhancements in Freshdesk

Reduce manual work and improve ticket handling time with this enhancement to auto-triage. Powered by Freddy AI, auto-triage automates repetitive tasks for agents by providing smart suggestions on ticket properties like Priority, Group, or Type.
More details here.


Parallel Calling in Freshdesk Omnichannel

Make multiple calls simultaneously, have unified conversations with anyone, and get help to resolve issues faster. Agents can start a parallel conversation and switch between calls any number of times while putting the other person on hold.

More details here.



Changes to Freshworks sub-processor list

We plan to update our sub-processor list. We will be adding the following sub-processors to our list.

  1. DataStax Inc

  2. Sumologic

  3. Calendly

We will be removing the following sub-processors from our list:

  1. Google Cloud Platform

Freshworks performs an annual review of its sub-processors to ensure their compliance with the appropriate technical and organizational measures. To know more about these measures, read our Data Processing Addendum and Privacy Notice completely. If you have any questions about this update, please write to

More details here.


Bug fixes:


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. The shared mailbox was not working as expected.

  2. There was a random line appearing automatically in private notes.

  3. Notes did not get merged as expected when two contacts were merged.

  4. Attachments were not removed for tickets created with templates.

  5. There were issues in refreshing the access token while exporting reports

  6. Auto-recharge for bots was triggered multiple times for a few customers.

  7. Creating a note from email failed, but in the log, it showed - "Email Processing Successful: Email Successfully created as Note!!"

  8. First response due and resolution due was shown without the date for Service task.

  9. The Solutions category was misplaced in the Knowledge Base portal.

  10. The Omni route page was not loading in the sandbox account.

  11. SLA reminder emails were not sent 

  12. The agent name was not updated in UCR when the contact was created from Freshdesk.

  13. The agent portal was broken and was not loading due to certain Memcache issues.


Good news about finally adding deep-linking to analytics reports.

Now what is left is to fix the bug for: Analytics widgets jumping around resetting the interactive filters.


And maybe moving the on-hover information box to somewhere else, so it won’t interfere with the data.

s/mime support would be nice

being able to use customer fields on analytics would still be super useful.

Hi there


Will there be any development on improving the work flow, display options and searching abilities within FreshDesk?