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Freshdesk Contact Center Release Notes - December 2022

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Freshdesk Contact Center Release Notes - December 2022

All features mentioned below are available to customers as of Dec 15, 2022.

New Features and Enhancements


New offerings from Freshworks Professional Services 

Freshworks Professional Services team has recently launched four new offerings, namely: Managed Services, Health Assessment, Admin Coaching & Orchestration packages.

More details here.


Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. Warm transfer failed for calls connected from callback queue.

  2. Notification was not displayed in the UI when more than 5 calls rang at a time for an agent.

  3. Call parking failed for a few scenarios.

  4. There was scrollbar flicker issue in the agent status dashboard.

  5. Data import job was stuck in loading state when the contact name had emojis.

  6. Calling cards for 2021 plans were not added for some countries.

  7. While navigating to call metrics page relevant to company, search results got removed due to pagination.

  8. The API key was not available in profile settings.

  9. The widget displayed "Account suspended" message for new signups.


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