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Freshdesk Contact Center Release Notes - January 2023

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Freshdesk Contact Center Release Notes - January 2023

New Features and Enhancements


Forward calls to an external number

Add an external phone number to the existing call queues and IVRs. With this, businesses can forward incoming calls to an external number. 

More details are here.




Bug fixes

These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.


  1. For text-to-speech messages, all the messages were playing in either male or female voice regardless of the settings.

  2. On Call | Signup failure | When first_landing_page or first_landing_url has un-encoded characters.

  3. Marketplace & PhoneBot pages were not loading in INT region integration accounts.

  4. Call Recordings were not playing in CRM Caller Pages.

  5. Selectable features were not added to the CRM enterprise plan sign-up.

  6. Network Warning - profile icon was not disappearing after 5 secs.

  7. Network Warning - for the conference call, network logs were not available for 2nd Agent.

  8. The network warning banner was not present for subsequent unparked calls after 2nd unparked call. 

  9. Network warning logs were not present for Warm Transfer in call metrics - Conference room.

  10. When users clicked on “Buy number,” previously bought numbers were displayed instead of an option to purchase a new number.

  11. Users were unable to Purchase Phone Credits if the provider is disabled.

  12. Opening caller pages in CRM - call log export and call lifecycle export emails contained link to CRM/phone/dashboard.

  13. Users were not redirected to crm url page since phone dashboard has moved within CRM dashboard.

  14. User/Supervisor will be able to navigate to call logs from the live dashboard by clicking on call counts.

  15. Real-time updates were not happening in the live dashboard if the caller_pages_in_crm feature is enabled.

  16. caller profile settings is getting displayed under user profile section on caller pages.

  17. Profile Settings - Agent extension was not allowed to save '0090' [009 series]. 

  18. The 'Admin Settings' Navigation option was missing in the Call Metrics Page.


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