Freshdesk Contact Center Release Notes - March 2023

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Freshdesk Contact Center Release Notes - March 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Network Error Warning 

Agents can now receive a warning message whenever the call quality is poor and can also snooze the notification. Admins get additional analytics on call quality. 

More details here.

Concurrent Call Management

Limit the number of incoming calls an agent can receive at a time, to manage workload for agents who are a part of multiple teams better. Available for Freshdesk Contact Center customers only. 

More details here.


Bug fixes

These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. In Freshsales, clicking on a contact from phone widget was redirecting to the total contacts page 
  2. In Free plan, unable to update hangup as rule for a number (when downgraded from the growth plan)
  3. Call cost worker failing if caller's country code not present. 
  4. Multiple tickets were created for a call 
  5. Phone credits became zero in an existing account when wallet is created 
  6. Deduct credits was giving an error as current account is not set in serializer 
  7. Number purchase was not getting deducted from phone credits
  8. Postpaid credits added through Chargebee was not getting reflected in billing page 
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