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Bring Your Own Channel in Freshdesk Messaging

Choose your own channel and integrate it with Freshdesk Messaging. You can achieve this with the help of APIs and marketplace events. We have used this framework for two upcoming integrations through the marketplace - Viber and Kakaotal.

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Have casual conversations using Global Small Talk in Freshdesk Messaging

With Global Small Talk, you can configure the bot to engage your customers in a casual conversation to provide an enriched and interactive experience. Global Small Talk is now available in 42 languages.
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Use industry-based bot templates in Freshdesk Messaging

Go bot-first in your support to handle FAQs, and save time for both your customers who can now help themselves and your agents. Customize the templates to suit your use case and help customers find answers faster.

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  • When users are unable to add a Label under the Settings page, an appropriate error message stating the reason will now be displayed.

  • A pop-over will now be displayed to select the list of features to be cloned when users try to clone a dialog.



These were the bugs detected and they’ve now been fixed.

  • When chat was converted to a ticket in Freshdesk, API was getting timed out.

  • Agents were not able to edit the username in the meta field.

  • The list of integrations in the Freshdesk Messaging page wasn’t getting displayed.

  • The right set of users wasn’t displayed when a filter was applied under the ‘People’ tab.

  • Agent messages weren't being masked when it was converted to a file.

  • Trial users weren’t able to add more than 30 agents even after deleting existing agents to accommodate for more.

  • When a user is soft-deleted, their icon was being displayed when they sent a message.

  • The color gradient wasn’t being reflected in the preview mode when the preference was changed in web messenger.

  • The radio button ID was shown instead of the actual value in Contact properties.

  • Users weren’t able to filter conversations by labels after resolving a chat.

  • The hyperlink functionality was not working in the Conversations widget.

  • The self-service widget failed to recognize a link with ‘.liv’ as the domain.

  • Headers were not rendered correctly in the API library when functions were configured with more than one parameter.

  • Bot preview wasn’t working as expected, and the account URL was incorrect.

  • The text box wasn’t displayed properly in the Conversations widget when it was used in iOS and Safari.

  • The Convert to title case function wasn’t working as expected when customers input their names.

  • The total number of conversations shown was mismatched in the Conversations list and Analytics.

  • When there were no Quick Actions configured for a bot version, the Quick Actions page was crashing in the Assist bot.

  • The Quick Action configured didn’t navigate as configured for the end-user, instead, it navigated to a different dialog.

  • When a trigger API action was configured as ‘Pre’, it changed to ‘Post’ when customers migrated from the old bot builder.

  • The bots were not loading for users in many instances.

  • When clicking on the Back button on the Bots page, it opened up the Freshworks Community page. 

  • The first and last name was getting saved without a space when the name was passed from Freshdesk Messaging via widget code.

  • The OTP verification condition was executed even after the retry limit was exceeded.

  • The solution article configured in the bot builder was not displayed to the user in the Conversations widget.

  • The multilingual functionality in the Answers module displayed messages in English even when the configured language was non-English.


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