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Product updates:

OTP Authentication for the bot builder

You can now set up an additional layer of protection through OTP authentication for your customers in the bot builder. Configure OTP as a service that can authenticate users and it will act as a validation mechanism for certain actions in the bot flow. 

How can you ensure that your transactions are secure?

  • Set up OTP in your bot flows in the bot builder

  • Ensure that an OTP is triggered anytime a customer performs a sensitive action

  • Excel in your customer service by eliminating the fear of transactions gone wrong

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  • The script to load Marketplace apps was enhanced to load only once, to improve performance. 

  • The maximum limit for each input type in the bot builder has been enhanced: FBOTS-27654

    • Dropdowns - 5000

    • Buttons - 100

    • Carousels - 100

    • Articles - 25

  • When choosing a messaging channel while deploying the bot, users can now see a ‘How it works’ option.

Bug fixes:

These were the bugs detected and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. The live translation was not working as expected for agents in the Freshdesk Messaging widget in Line messenger.

  2. Customers were unable to delete agents from their Freshdesk Messaging account due to the account not being updated. 

  3. An error was thrown when customers tried to send a Rich media template message. 

  4. The ‘New Segment’ UI in Freshdesk Messaging was showing a tooltip in irrelevant places. 

  5. In the Freshdesk Messaging Agent Availability dashboard, the reports displayed the stats for agents whose names were de-selected from a group.

  6. The first response time was captured wrongly in Freshdesk Messaging raw reports for a few agents.

  7. The CSAT report downloaded using API in Freshdesk Messaging was blank when no data was available. Going forward, headings alone will be displayed in the reports if no CSAT data is available.

  8. The text message displayed in WhatsApp carousel was repeated. 

  9. When a button was configured in the bot builder and deployed in the Freshdesk Messaging widget, the text box was also displayed below the buttons. 

  10. The Freshdesk Messaging Whatsapp widget was displaying an extra line break between options. 

  11. The placeholder text in the first node button in Freshdesk Messaging bot builder for buttons and dropdowns in was not replaceable.

  12. If any radio button is configured in the Freshdesk Messaging Conversations widget, the button was displayed on top even on minimizing the widget.

  13. The chats were auto-resolved in Freshdesk Messaging when a conversation was still active on IntelliAssign settings. 

  14. The bot was being triggered outside the business hours for customers in Freshdesk Messaging. 

  15. The Message Assist functionality was greyed out for a few conversations to aid in developing a robust training model.

  16. When accounts were migrated to Freshdesk Omnichannel, the underlying product anchor details did not get updated synchronously. 

  17. The Freshdesk Messaging script was not working as expected within the Shopify portal. 

  18. Customers weren’t able to Preview the bots in Freshdesk Messaging if their primary account language was non-English.

  19. Extra space was added between conversations in the bot widget. 

  20. While deploying a bot that transfers from one flow to another, the bot created an additional conversation that wasn’t configured in the bot builder. 

  21. While creating raw reports of customer conversations, a single message was split into two rows. 

  22. The cursor position in the dialog editor was not being placed as intended, it jumped to the top of the editor. 

  23. The UI threw an error while previewing the bot after updating the Conversation settings.

  24. The Conversation Settings tab was highlighted by default when clicking on the Settings tab. 


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