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Freshdesk Messaging Release Notes - March 2022

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Freshdesk Messaging Release Notes - March 2022

Note: All the features/enhancements below are available on Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans. 

New Features and Enhancements


Carousel support in Freshdesk Messaging

Users can configure each item on the carousel and display rich media content to the customer through the Conversations widget. The bot will present a carousel with the choices that you’ve listed to your customers. 

More details here.




Enrich bot conversations by attaching images and videos

You can attach images and videos to your bot conversations and elevate your self-service. Using rich media in bot conversations enables organizations to deliver engaging and impactful self-service experiences to their customers. 

More details here.




Workforce Management in Freshdesk Messaging

Manage your workforce smartly, strike the right balance between your team and customers with injixo. This integration helps you make well-informed staffing decisions, switch from manual planning methods to automation, and have complete and direct control over support costs.

More details here.




Introducing Session Analytics for Freshdesk Messaging

With Session Analytics you can dig deeper into every session your bot has with your customers and understand how exactly you are charged for it. Learn about how sessions are consumed on a daily basis, the number of customers each bot interacts with and much more.

More details here.




Vanakkam! Namaste! Subhakankshalu!

We've added 11 more languages for your bots to converse with your customers across the globe. You can now set up your bot in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Bahasa, Bangala, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada, & Urdu."

More details here.




Files/Images support

Freshdesk Messaging widget now supports attachments configured through the Bot builder. The bot will present option to upload images/files when the appropriate flow is triggered.

More details here


WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat 

Customers on the Growth plan can now avail WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat integrations to manage customer interactions with ease.


Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. Chats were not being assigned to agents even though they were active on IntelliAssign.

  2. Conversations were not being properly assigned to agent groups.

  3. Private nodes in bots were exposed to end users in the Freshdesk Messaging widget.

  4. Admins were unable to access Freshdesk Messaging Reports under Omnichannel Analytics.

  5. Conversation properties for WhatsApp, SMS, and Web Chat apps were not populated in the Freshdesk Messaging widget.

  6. The profile picture was not displayed properly in the People’s tab.

  7. Agent was shown as actively viewing an ongoing chat in the Conversations page when they were actually unavailable.

  8. Customers were unable to submit/send an emoji as feedback in the Freshdesk Messaging widget.

  9. Freshdesk Messaging account was not available for a few users in the Omnichannel plan.

  10. The bot flow did not progress when a carousel was used as a welcome message.

  11. Error was thrown when users tried to preview a bot flow in the Answers module.

  12. Business hours check was not getting updated due to cache issues.

  13. The function trigger failed in some cases and the sorry flow was triggered.

  14. Previewing the bot displayed the previous version of the bot flow rather than the current version.

  15. Users were unable to add more than two variants in the Answers module.

  16. Users were unable to preview template bots.



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