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Android and iOS SDK 5.0 is now live. Customers can integrate the SDK into their mobile apps to trigger self-service natively. Learn more here

Bug Fixes:

  • Users without permission to manage integrations were able to view Slack access token in Freshdesk Messaging, this is now fixed. 

  • Customers weren’t able to fetch older conversations after re-installing the Freshdesk Messaging mobile app without an External ID, this is now fixed. 

  • Agents’ emails were disclosed to the user associated with a conversation, this is now fixed. 

  • The amount of time that agents were active on IntelliAssign was reported to be higher than the time range selected, this is now fixed. 

  • Customers were unable to search for a ticket for dropdown fields fetched from Freshdesk when resolved chats were converted to tickets. This is now fixed.

  • Customers were unable to use bot sessions even though they hadn’t exhausted their existing bot sessions. This is now fixed. 

  • Customers were facing alignment issues when using the chatbot widget in a non-English language. This is now fixed.

  • In the Agent Availability page, the dashboard showed an error when customers tried to set the Agent Online Activity as NIL. This is now fixed.

  • The Freshdesk Messaging widget was displaying a Google Calendar slot as Available even though it was already booked by another user. This is now fixed.

  • The custom agent status reverted once an agent changed the status to ‘Unavailable’ and refreshed the page. This is now fixed

  • In the Campaigns page, the Trigger Configuration and Triggered Email fields were overlapping, so trial customers were unable to click/edit the campaign. This is now fixed.

  • Customers were unable to insert a placeholder in the canned response forms. This is now fixed. 

  • When users sent unsupported audio via Safari, it displayed an error message. This is now fixed. 


Freddy Self-Service:

  • The timestamp shown in older Bot conversations was erroneous when a chat was reopened. This is now fixed. 

  • Customers received an error when trying to add the input option as ‘Date’ in Dialog. This is now fixed. 

  • Customers were facing a few issues with the Action module, where deleted actions were getting duplicated multiple times. This is now fixed. 

  • When customers navigate to a specific dialog from the Messages tab, the first dialog is loaded instead of the dialog that was clicked. This is now fixed. 

  • In the export report function, ‘Customer Information and Contextual Data’ and ‘Customer Conversations’ files came up empty. This is now fixed.

  • When the input type is selected as a button in Dialog, the ‘Show more’ button was misaligned. This is now fixed.

  • Carousel text was not displayed in the chosen language. This is now fixed.

  • Customers received an email when 100% of their bot sessions were consumed, but not for 50% or 80% consumption. This is now fixed. 

  • When an agent copy-pasted a message in the Conversations page, the formatting was a little skewed when it was displayed in the bot widget. This is now fixed

  • Any custom property saved from the Content Picker returned the display text as ‘customVariable’ instead of the variable name. This is now fixed.

  • There was inconsistency in the ticket creation date in the conversational and contextual reports. This is now fixed.

  • The bot widget UI was distorted for customers in Safari mobile view. This is now fixed

  • Language translation was not working as expected for a few tabs and labels in the bot builder. This is now fixed. 



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