Freshdesk Release Notes - 29th July

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Here is what we have for this release :

Recent searches and recently viewed tickets: Starting today, agents can access their recent searches and recently viewed tickets from the search bar. These are browser specific for now.

Adding yourself as watcher is easier: From now on, to add themselves as a watcher on a ticket, agents can tap the watcher button and start typing their name instantly (in addition to typing just ‘me’).

UI makeover for last note tooltip: The tooltip that shows the last note in the ticket list has been given a facelift. The group name will also be shown when available.

Heads up notice:

By Aug 10th, we will be altering the behaviour for the following scenario:

Assume the contact John, associated with the company “Acme”, has raised 10 tickets so far. If the agent now removes Acme from John’s contact and replaces it with Tesla:

Currently: When the agent looks up for the tickets under Tesla, he/she would see the old 10 tickets since the company of these tickets was updated to Tesla (which was previously associated with Acme).

Going forward: Now when the agent looks up for the tickets under Tesla, he/she would not see the old tickets since the tickets are still under the old company “Acme”. Any new ticket raised by John will be associated with Tesla while the old tickets will continue to be associated with Acme.

Customers are advised to clean up duplicate companies and contacts with old companies before Aug 10th so that the old tickets under these contacts are associated to the right company and do not remain with the old incorrect companies.

iOS app version 4.2

Comes with support for universal links in iOS 9+. When version 4.2 is installed on iOS 9 or greater, tapping on ticket links will open the appropriate ticket in the Freshdesk app. Universal links aren’t supported for custom domains, but only for *

As always, great improvements to the product