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Freshsales Release Notes - March 2023

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New Features and Enhancements

  1. Sandbox for Enterprise (Beta): Enterprise customers now have access to a test environment where they can evaluate features, run tests, integrate with business apps, train employees, and customize user experiences without impacting their business.


  1. Module-wise Data Export: Users can now export data from individual modules up to 5 times, view export history, and back up data periodically to ensure important data is not lost.


  1. Custom Metrics and Attributes: Users can now create custom metrics and attributes using single arithmetic operations and complex functions to get deeper insights into team performance.


  1. Event-based Automation: When a user performs a SaaS product event, Freddy automatically assigns a task to the salesperson and sends them a notification to alert them about the event occurrence.


  1. Element Customization for Data Labels: Users can now customize the look and feel of their reports including titles, data labels, legends, axes, and more. They can also change the colors of the elements to reflect their brand palette or assign colors to indicate positive/negative trends.


  1. In-app Notification for Reports: Users can now download reports and view them as a file in their local system. This is available for all reports in the Analytics module.


  1. Automations Based on Contact Score: Users can now use contact score as a field to filter contacts for sales sequences and workflows. They can also create reports with contact score as a metric and group them by score and field values.


  1. Test for Workflows: Users can now test workflows to check if they work as expected while creating a new workflow or while auditing existing workflows. This can help ensure workflows are running smoothly and as intended.



Some users reported that exporting of records does not work as intended when the module is renamed. This has been fixed.

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