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Freshservice Release Notes - Aug 2022

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Freshservice Release Notes - Aug 2022

Note: All the features/enhancements below will be available on Starter and Growth plans on Aug 17th. For Pro and Enterprise plans will be available on Aug 29th.

Product version: 2022.R08L.01


New Features and Enhancements


OLA policies

Category: IT Service Management

Admins can now define internal Operational Level Agreements (OLA) on tasks. This will enable admins to configure OLA policies that will dictate the time within which Agents should complete Tasks inside the Tickets/Problems/Changes or Releases, ensuring continuous service delivery and compliance.

Note: Analytics on OLA policies will be available for the Growth plan onwards by Aug 31st.

More details here.




Lookup fields for Change Forms

Category:  IT Service Management

Admins can now create change fields by referencing relevant data within the service desk. With lookup fields, location, users, departments, and asset values can now be referred to in change forms.


Improved Freddy-powered search for Virtual Agent

Category: IT Service Management

Virtual agent now supports better contextual understanding, better keyword identification, and improved understanding of HR, Finance, and Facilities queries.

Watch video MS Teams | Slack

Note: This is available now for all the Enterprise customers.


All-new report builder experience in analytics

Category:  IT Service Management

Users can now make data-driven decisions more easily using the enhanced analytics platform. This new and improved user interface for the analytics module will enhance users' report-building experience. Users can build and navigate reports faster and simpler with a lesser number of clicks and transitions.

More details here.



CSAT response Email Enhancements

Category: IT Service Management

With this enhancement, agents and admins can get respondent details in place of generic “not given text. This will enable more context since {{comment.body}} was showing a generic ‘not given’ text. In place of that, we have added a dynamic message ‘<requester_name> submitted the survey response.’


Study monitoring tool status using the Activities tab

Category: IT Operations Management

Customers using the Alert Management module can now refer to the Activities tab on the Monitoring Tools list page to understand the status of their integrations.

More details here.



Multiple responder groups now available in On-Call Management

Category: IT Operations Management

Users can now resolve incidents faster by enabling multiple agent groups to swarm in and collaborate at once using On-Call Management.

More details here.



Workflow Enhancements 

Category: Workflow/ Automation

Configure automation rules to execute actions on the default date fields for problem, change and release modules. For example: Set a release completion date based on the start date and the type of the release.



IP whitelisting for Mobile App

Category: Mobile app

This security enhancement will honor whitelisted IPs even for the mobile app. If the app is accessed from an IP that's not whitelisted, the app won't work. 

Works both for android and iOS mobile apps.


Enhanced Ticket Module

Category: Mobile App

With this enhancement, agents will get an intuitive Ticket Management interface that will help them be more productive on the go.

Note: This enhancement will be available on the iOS app. Android users can refer to this.




Changes to Freshworks sub-processor list

Category: IT Service Management

We plan to update our sub-processor list. 

We will be adding the following sub-processors to our list.

  • Sumologic

You can find more details about these changes here. Freshworks performs an annual review of its sub-processors to ensure their compliance with the appropriate technical and organizational measures. To know more about these measures, we encourage you to read our Data Processing Addendum and Privacy Notice completely.

If you have any questions about this update, please write to


Bug Fixes


These were the product defects detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  • Agents were unable to create and link child service requests to a parent service request.

  • Customers were unable to view associated project tasks on tickets, under the Associations tab.

  • Ticket status on the Ticket list view incorrectly displayed ‘Resolved late’ although the ticket was resolved within the SLA.

  • Updating epic dates on the slider displayed an error.

Great news about the lookup fields on Change forms! 

Hope to see the same thing added to Asset forms as well.

With this new release are timer nodes for workflows still in beta?
And is it known if the limitation of max. 5 timers per workflow will be purged once the feature is out of beta?



For tickets, how does the OLA affect the ticket’s SLA? Is the OLA paused if the ticket status is set to a status that pauses the SLA? Is there new statuses that can pause the OLA and in turn pause the SLA?


For tickets, how does the OLA affect the ticket’s SLA? Is the OLA paused if the ticket status is set to a status that pauses the SLA? Is there new statuses that can pause the OLA and in turn pause the SLA?


The whole purpose of OLA is to provide insights into the internal gaps. This will enable teams to know which section of the task is creating a bottleneck. Currently, that's the scope of work. It is not pausing but proactively allows admins to understand the internal bottlenecks.


cc @sundararajan.srinivasan 

I’m geeking out on these updates!  Thank you Freshworks team for continually making the system better and listening to your user community! 

Release Note Day is my favorite day of the month!!!!! Some awesome updates and additions for this month. Look forward to getting a closer look at each of them. Beyond excited about the enhancement to analytics!!! Keep up the great work 😄

Looking forward to the App enhancements, especially IP whitelisting. Awesome update FreshTeam!

At last the iOS app is getting some much needed TLC! Here’s hoping it will be possible to zoom in on screenshots that are attached to tickets...

Unable to navigate to the On-Call Management link. Its broken :(

Lookup fields for Change Forms


This is a great step! Now we just need Lookup fields across the rest of FreshService,

Pretty much anywhere that you can get a form, asset type, contract type etc it is absolutely a requirement to have Lookup fields.


Dark mode please

  1. Ability to add more than one managed software to a single contract. Many license contracts may involve several different software applications. The limit of 1 managed application per contract is very difficult to manage. We even have instances where the same software may be installed but as part of discovery is named slightly different, for example same software but might have “64 Bit “ as a suffix. There is no point adding multiple contracts as the number of licenses is impossible to consolidate.
  2. Workflows for Project Module, would be nice to be able perform workflows on projects such as submitting for approval, many projects will go through a lifecyle much like changes however currently there is no way to do this. Ability auto number the project key would be great as well. assuming this could be done by workflow.
  3. Allowing each module to send from different email addresses, for example, change request email notifications to be sent from email address other than default email address

Unable to navigate to the On-Call Management link. Its broken :(

Hi @zachary.king we have updated the link. Sharing here for your quick ref:

Unable to navigate to the On-Call Management link. Its broken :(

Hi @zachary.king we have updated the link. Sharing here for your quick ref:

Thank you!

Is there any time frame on the dark mode ? Been waiting on that for a while

Is there any time frame on the dark mode ? Been waiting on that for a while

Doubt it. Has been on the “roadmap” for 5+ years and still not implemented. Not sure why such a simple change has been punted down the road for so long, but here we are.

@John Meyers thank you for the feedback on the timer node. We’ll consider increasing/ removing the limits. It’d help you could share your specific use case that requires more than 5 timer nodes.

Now that you can link a child ticket to a service request ticket, is there a way to do this via API?


Use case: Workflow, we want to create a child service request after an approval request was approved for the Parent service item. using workflow automator there is no way to link a child service request item?

The iOS app is almost worse than before? Scroll doesn’t work. I can’t expand conversations. When I am replying there is no “send” or “done” button while the keyboard is open and no way to lower the keyboard other than a weird scroll manuever. Then I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to press “done” which isn’t really the right word for sending a reply. There are also all sorts of buttons and misc text that overlaps the actual information I need to be viewing.