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Freshservice Release Notes - June 2022

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Freshservice Release Notes - June 2022

Important update: We have updated the release timelines of “Rest APIs for New-Gen Project Management ” on 01st July 2022. This enhancement will be available by 15th Jul' 22 instead of 30th June’22.

Note: All the features/enhancements below will be available on Starter and Growth plans on Jun 15th. For Pro and Enterprise plans will be available on Jun 29th.

Product version: 2022.R06L.01


New Features and Enhancements


On-Call Management now in GA & also available under Growth plan

Category: IT Operations Management

Trial customers will now no longer need to raise a special request for trying out the On-Call Management module. Plus, the module will now also be available under the Growth plan in addition to the existing Pro and Enterprise plans.

Major enhancements since the beta in November now enable users to receive separate notifications for Urgent and High priority incidents, disable notifications and escalation based on incident priority, collaborate on Slack, and increase the total interval between escalation levels by up to 24 hours.

This module will be generally available by the end of June in all data centers except India.

More details here.






CSAT survey for agents created tickets

Category: IT Service Management

Agents can now receive customer satisfaction surveys for the tickets created by them. Admins should be able to configure this feature from the CSAT Survey List page to enable/disable sending surveys for tickets raised by requesters who are also an agent in the system. rEFZA-Y6n8ynrk-wb7GyXPhdfNiUoWw7KtcC1JF-RsZvwGXRXPwf4ZNXHG-BEvyg6GaWDz7Z0bK-I0nhVOnzVCQ8lflGuFaCXBKn81I8oa0iQcNnDv_msojSPkVLCbxWiJM00QW7ey2EQSDdkg


Reporting on Custom User Fields in Analytics

Category: IT Service Management

Agents can now report on custom fields added to a user's profile. These fields will also appear under the associated agent and requester set of fields when you create reports for other modules, such as tickets, problems, and assets.

Note: This will be available for all plans by 30th June.


Rest APIs for New-Gen Project Management 

Category: Project Management

Users of new-gen project management will now be able to read, create, update and delete projects and project tasks via APIs and leverage or manage their project data from third-party tools.

Note: We have updated the release timelines of this enhancement on 01st July 2022. This will be available by 15th Jul' 22 instead of 30th June’22.


Enhanced asset audit using Discovery Probe

Category: IT Asset Management

Discovery Probe can now capture audit records for all device scans irrespective of incidence of changes in their state.

Note: This enhancement can be enabled on demand by reaching out to


Enhanced software discovery from VMware vCenter using Discovery Agent

Category: IT Asset Management

Discovering software from VMware cloud assets using discovery agent is now more powerful with enhanced reconciliation.


‘Ticket is acknowledged’ as a workflow event

Category: Workflows/Automation

Trigger workflows when a ticket is acknowledged as part of On Call Management.

For example, perform actions like adding a note or sending an email based on when a ticket is acknowledged.



Orchestration Center Updates

Category: Workflows/Automation

New Orchestration apps:

  • Bitbucket: Perform operations on projects, repositories, pulls, issues, issue comments, and issue attachments using the Bitbucket Orchestration app. More details here

  • Freshdesk- Invoke operations on Freshdesk Support Desk Agents, Groups, and Tickets via the Workflow Automator. More details here

  • Gitlab On-prem -  Perform User, Group, and Project Management actions on Gitlab Onprem with the help of the Orchestration Server. More details here

  • PagerDuty -  Create incidents and perform user-based actions on Pagerduty. More details here

 Orchestration App Enhancements:

Okta : Perform the following actions in Okta

  •  Assign a group to the application

  •  Get assigned user for the application

  •  Remove group from application


Gsuite : Perform the following actions in Gsuite 

  •  Enable Auto Reply

  •  Create Forwarding Address

  •  Wipe User Device

  •  Transfer UserData


Bug Fixes


These were the product defects detected and they’ve now been fixed.

  • 500 error while accessing Employee Onboarding (EOB) tickets.

  • When the account level timezone was set to Eastern Time (UTC-11) in production, the sandbox was getting created at a different timezone (UTC-5).

  • The date on the list page showed one date previous to the selected date on the ticket list page.

  • Agents were not able to access tickets from the ticket associations in the new-gen project management.

  • In End User Portal - Requesters were not able to access the portal.

  • In edge cases, Service requests were created without considering all the mandatory fields.

  • On-Call Schedule - When the schedule is being added the second time to the on-call calendar, it was throwing an error.

  • During active directory user sync certain scenarios were not triggered in the FreshID callback.

  • Serial numbers starting with zero get truncated when exporting the assets.

  • The automatic reminder email in the Employee Onboarding (EOB) was not working as expected. 

  • In Workflow Automator, Condition node - the combination of none and any group with the INCLUDES operator doesn't work as expected.

  • 'Add People' option on the ticket was showing an incorrect notification message.

  • In the Conversation portal, users were getting solution articles that they didn't have permission to access.

Which Software-as-service tool do you use to your Product release notes? I really like it and would like to use something similar at our company;

@LDW69888 - I have sent you a direct message regarding this. Please do check and let me know if you need anything else :)

Any update on the Project API?  We’ve blown past the extended release date but the API still appears to be unavailable.

for the next update..Could one consideration be a 30 day hold state, and just like warranty emails and auto genersated tickets, get one based on that 30 day hold ending? 

We and many other companies use this as a hold period just after upgrading or replacing a PC, but before wiping it.

Not just a state added but also a option to allow for triggering workflow.


the workaround currently is setting up a custom state, workflow to email the user notifying to let us know if anything is missing before then, api to gcal to create an event, that event has a notification that emails the address for our IT desk ticket generation.

The API for this is not stable enough to work everytime.

Hello @nhess and @ismailasif 

We're building Scheduled Workflows which can solve your usecase. This feature will allow you to key off automations based on dates captured on Service Request forms, Assets, Ticket fields, Change fields etc..

For eg: Automations based on offboarding dates (X days before/after) will be possible. This is planned for release in early Q4.  Please refer to the images below.