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Freshservice Release Notes - Mar 2023

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Freshservice Release Notes - Mar 2023

Important update: We have updated the release timelines of the enhancement “New billing experience for existing Freshservice customers” on 31st Mar 2023. This enhancement will be available by 06th April 2023.

Note: All the features/enhancements below will be available on Starter and Growth plans on Mar 15th 2023. For Pro and Enterprise plans will be available on Mar 29th 2023.


Product version: 2023.R03L.01


New Features and Enhancements


Introducing Scheduled Workflows

Category: IT Service Management

In addition to event-based workflows, admins can now create time-based workflows that can be scheduled to execute at a specific time of the day or week. Additionally, the workflow automator interface will now have separate tabs to access Event-based Workflows and Scheduled Workflows.
Using Scheduled workflows,

  • Automate employee onboarding/offboarding tasks based on employee join/end date - For example, Send out task reminders 2 days before an employee’s join date, Disable a user's AD account on the date of leaving.

  • Update Asset State if it hasn’t been scanned in the last 30 days.

  • Send out reminder notifications based on Warranty expiry dates / End of Life and other dates captured on an asset.

More details here.




New billing experience for existing Freshservice customers

Category: IT Service Management
Existing Freshservice Account admins will be able to view and manage their subscriptions through the Unified Billing Experience (UBX) module within the Neo Admin Center.
The Unified Billing Experience provides:

  • A New Billing Page -  View and edit subscription details on the subscription page by clicking on Admin → Plans and Billing.

  • Robust Invoice Management - Manage past and ongoing invoices centrally and download them anytime.

  • Self-serve capabilities for offline customers - Eligible offline-mode paying customers (offline-paying customers are those who do not pay with a saved credit card online) will also be able to (a) upgrade their subscriptions, (b) update their billing and shipping addresses, and (c) download their invoices directly from the same module. For more details on the offline self-serve experience on UBX, refer to the below two articles.

More details here.

Important update: We have updated the release timelines of this enhancement on 31st Mar 2023. This will be available by 06th April 2023.

Note: Some of the existing Freshservice customers will be migrated to UBX on or before June 2023.


Visual Cues for API V1 Deprecation

Category: IT Service Management
Following up on the November 2022 release announcement, we have introduced tooltips in the user interface to help admins replace calls to API V1 with calls to the corresponding API V2 in the following modules.

  • Workflow automator rules

  • Portal customizations

  • Custom applications using Freshservice APIs

More details here.




Private Notes - Reply and Forward

Category: IT Service Management

With this enhancement, agents can now reply and forward to the private notes in tickets. This will empower them to discuss the ticket or issue with other agents in their team and converse.




Service Request Enhancement

Category: IT Service Management

To allow seamless service desk reporting, the service catalog's dropdown and nesting field choices are now restricted to 255 characters.


Task Form Fields Customization

Category: IT Service Management

With this enhancement, admins can now customize individual task forms for ticket tasks, problem tasks, change tasks and release tasks individually. This will empower admins to configure more specific fields captured in the ITIL-aligned task forms.

More info here.

Note:  Reporting for this capability will be available by 31st March 2023.



Service Request approval APIs

Category: IT Service Management

Following are the service requests approval APIs that will be supported.

  • Create Service Request Approval

  • Fetch Service Request Approvals

  • Cancel Service Request Approvals

  • Send Reminder Service Request Approvals

More info here.


Easy Reporting on Workload Planning Fields in Analytics

Category: IT Service Management

Workload planning fields such as start date, end date and planned effort will now be available in Analytics and can be leveraged to build reports when the Workload Management module is enabled in an account. These fields can be used in group-by and filter views and can be added to the underlying data.

With this enhancement, for Tickets, Tasks and Problems modules, planned start date, planned end date and planned effort fields will be available whereas for Changes and Releases modules, the planned effort field will be additionally available.

Note: This feature will be available by the first week of April.


Improved Translations Across Modules

Category: IT Service Management 

We have enhanced translations for the following languages:

  • German

  • Swedish

  • Spanish

  • Spanish Latam

  • Portuguese Brazilian

  • Arabic

  • Hungarian

  • Catalan

  • Norwegian

  • Indonesian


Azure Cloud Discovery Enhancements

Category: IT Asset Management
Introducing new asset types for Azure cloud to discover and manage the relationships between each of these assets with their respective components.

  • Azure Resource Group

  • Azure Key Vault 

  • Azure Subscription 

  • Azure Application Gateway 

More details here.



Asset Report Enhancements   

Category: IT Asset Management

Asset managers can now track and identify the agent groups that are responsible for managing a specific asset by curating reports using the “Managed by group” field in analytics.



Software Report Enhancements  

Category: IT Asset Management   

Users can now curate reports that involve two levels of association in the software module. Generate reports based on the associated fields for software metrics such as Installed Machine, Used by, and Managed by.   

For instance, Create reports that track software usage across different departments with access to the Department name attribute - “Software → Installed Machine → Department Name.”

Improved SaaS management discovery and sync

Category: IT Asset Management

With our latest update to SaaS management, the discovery and sync process is now enhanced for the following integrations: Dropbox, Slack, Smartsheet, and OneLogin.

Here’s how the sync process is improved:

  • Better visibility with sync statuses

  • Background sync status refresh 

  • Improved API rate limit optimization

  • Improved User Deletion Sync (Except Smartsheet)

  • Download a detailed error report after sync

More details here.

Note: This will be available in the first week of April 2023.


Alert Rules now support AND/OR conditions

Category: IT Operations Management

Users can now use OR function in addition to the existing AND function to create highly specific Alert Rules.



Notify On-call Agents on Microsoft Teams

Category: IT Operations Management

Users can now notify on-call agents on Microsoft Teams. On-call agents will be able to view basic details about an incident, acknowledge, escalate, or mark it as resolved, and even add a private note – all from within Microsoft Teams.




Reporting on Project Time Entries in Analytics

Category: Project Management

With a new module ‘Time Entries’ in Project Analytics, managers can easily report on metrics like total time spent on a project or total time spent by a user across projects. Billable and non-billable time entries can also be viewed across projects.

Additionally, managers will have complete visibility of business and non-business hours logged with time entries capturing both date and time details.
More details here.


Enhanced Ticket View now available for accounts enabled with Workspaces 

Category: Freshservice for Business Teams

The enhanced ticket view is now available for accounts that were created after December 12th, 2022. This view would replace the classic view in 30 days.

More details here.


Enhanced Requester Experience in Android/iOS app

Category: Mobile App

Experience an enhanced requester’s experience in the mobile app that will make navigation super easy to navigate to the requester’s profile and view their details, tickets raised by them, and associated assets.

Requesters can seamlessly report an incident and track the updates on the reported incident.

Note: This enhancement will be available before the end of March 2023 and requires app updation. 

With this release, we will only support iOS versions 13.0 and above. Users with a lower version of the OS on their iPhones, will not be able to update to this version (They can continue to use the older versions of the app).



Change Management Enhancements

Category: Mobile App

With this release, we have made some enhancements in the forms for a change -

  • While filling a form for a change via the mobile app, if a content field is configured in the settings, then the user will be able to view the content in the form. 


  • If a form has a dropdown field and is configured to get data from the source when a user is filling this form via the mobile app, they will be presented with an option to search for the input for this field, thereby making it intuitive to use. This is applicable to both single-select and multi-select dropdown fields.


Note: This enhancement will be available before the end of March 2023 and requires app updation. 

With this release, we will only support iOS versions 13.0 and above. Users with a lower version of the OS on their iPhones, will not be able to update to this version (They can continue to use the older versions of the app).


Bug Fixes

These were the product defects detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  • Tasks added by workflow automators were displayed incorrectly in Analytics.

  • Asset Inventory could not be opened by Swedish users.

  • Assets associated with Incidents and Changes were not saved when a form template was applied post association.

  • Agent audit logs for login from app, preference and time format changes were shown as blank in UI.

  • Agent assignment through round robin was not captured in ticket activities.

Love the scheduled workflows!!!

Visual Cues for API V1 Deprecation and the time based WFA big thumbs up 


Love the scheduled workflows!!!


Much agreed - what will this mean for supervisor long term?

Long term I’d like to see the ability to trigger a scheduled workflow manually from an event workflow.

Looks like a feature packed month!

Scheduled Workflows:  yay

Enhanced Reporting:  yay

Emailed nudges for failed email to ticket process:  double yay


Still yearning for ability to create workflow loop and goto statements


Another big month! 

Really looking forward to the Private Note reply/forward - we don’t find the “Discuss” feature works very well as the info is too hidden and the cue to find the “Discussion” is quite hard to see.  As a result for private or sensitive topics, we end up discussing the ticket in Teams and all that info falls out of the ticket - which is not great.

Scheduled WF sounds very interesting - looking forward to working with that!

Great work Fresh Service Team!



Scheduled workflows! Absolute game changer! I’ve been waiting for this for ages! 

Alerts to teams?! We already have workflows to post P1 tickets into teams groups. But using the alert monitor with on call and teams is excellent. As i am trying to create a new Alert process here and that was the final piece. how to notify on call analysts. 


Superb update guys! 

Scheduled Workflows:  yay

Enhanced Reporting:  yay

Emailed nudges for failed email to ticket process:  double yay


Still yearning for ability to create workflow loop and goto statements



The scheduled workflows look great but the schedule options seem to be a limiting. It would be great if there were more options such as; fortnightly, quarterly, etc… Our dev team work to 2 week sprints and having that option would be really helpful

Hi, I am not able to see the ‘scheduled workflow’ option on my tenant. Can someone help me enable the feature?

Hi, I am not able to see the ‘scheduled workflow’ option on my tenant. Can someone help me enable the feature?



If you're on pro or enterprise you wont get the feature until March 29th. 


I’m looking forward to playing with it too! 



Can’t see the “Visual Cues for API V1 Deprecation”. Is there a setting?

I know that one web request node is using  API v1 

It would be helpful to be able to customize the Services page in “Rebrand your Helpdesk”. 


Would also like to see business rules that allow for changes to default fields such as “Subject”. (ex/ Subject’s entry is based on a different field value). 

I absolutely love the scheduled workflows!

Although I have identified a large inconsistency with them - they don’t trigger child asset-types as they should.

For example, if you’d like to run an event-based workflow for all Laptops + Desktops + Servers, you would just use the Computer parent asset type. This works for event-based workflows. However if you use schedule-based workflows, the workflow must use the Laptop asset type specifically.

For my testing, I used 1 Laptop asset and 6 automators:

  1. Event-based | Asset | Hardware > Triggered successfully
  2. Event-based | Asset | Computer > Triggered successfully
  3. Event-based | Asset | Laptop > Triggered successfully
  4. Schedule-based | Asset | Hardware > Did not trigger
  5. Schedule-based | Asset | Computer > Did not trigger
  6. Schedule-based | Asset | Laptop > Triggered successfully

Therefore to make a schedule-based workflow system for the Computer asset type, I would need to make 3 rather than 1. That would be even worse for more generic higher-level asset types.

When will the Inventory search feature be fixed? I am not sure why I can’t search with filters applied