Release Notes

Freshservice Release notes of 2021.R09L.01

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Important Note - We have updated our software versioning to the following new format:

   X        Y          Z

X- Year of release

R- Release

Y- Month of release

L- Limited release 

Z - # of releases in the month. (This will be incremented after every deployment post limited release)

Where to spot this?

Freshservice -> Admin -> Account Settings -> Account


Note: All the features/enhancements below will be available on Blossom, Starter, Garden, and Growth plans on Sep 15th. For Estate, Pro, Forest, and Enterprise plans it will be available on Sep 30th.



New enhancements in the Change Calendar

Category: IT Service Management

Introducing an enhanced change calendar to efficiently manage your change management process.

  • Get a more focused view of the changes in the calendar by filtering out based on different criteria. These filter options will be available on the right pane of the calendar page. We are also moving the agent and group fields filter from top navigation to right pane, along with other filter options

  • Export the filtered change calendar as either PDF or ICS file

  • Switch between list view and calendar view while running a CAB meeting


Note: If you switch to the Calendar view from an existing Change List view by clicking on “View Change calendar”, the list view filters will be applied in the Change Calendar. But if you click on the calendar icon in the top navigation, the filters will be reset to the default conditions of agent as ‘me’ and change status as ‘all but closed changes’.


Introducing the Azure AD SCIM Sync App

Category: IT Service Management

The Azure AD SCIM Sync App is now available!

This app has two main functions:

  • Create and deactivate users in Freshservice based on rules in Azure AD

  • Sync all user profile updates from Azure AD to Freshservice

Note: Please follow the steps specified in the "Instructions" tab to install and configure the app.



Virtual Agent Enhancement: @mention your Virtual Agent on Slack Channels

Category: IT Service Management

Introducing the capability to @mention Virtual Agent and get queries resolved in personal messages and slack channels and get immediate responses.

Your organization may have a common support-related public channel on slack where your employees come in and post their questions and issues. Your support agents have to constantly monitor this channel and respond to employee issues. With this new enhancement of on-demand support on slack an employee can directly post on your organization's relevant support slack channel based on the issue at hand and have the Virtual Agent respond with relevant information that enables self-service resolution to your employee issues.

Note: This feature will be available for only Enterprise customers on Sep 30, 2021.



New-Gen Project Management Reporting

Category: Project Management

With project analytics enhancements, users can get a birds-eye view of their multiple projects and portfolios from a single dashboard. 

They can now select “project” as a module to get all project reports. Additionally, they can configure this on all default and custom attributes.


Inside “project analytics”, you can now see a "project summary report" that summaries the progress of all projects across the helpdesk.




Purchase Order Reports

Category: IT Asset Management

Managing your IT costs start right from streamlining your procurement processes and managing the costs involved. With purchase order reports, optimise costs and improve process efficiency by deriving insights about:

  • Current asset utilization 

  • Order fulfilment statuses

  • Onboarding the received items

  • Other Purchase details 

More details here



Relationship map enhancements

Category: IT Asset Management

You can now view the count of open incidents upfront for each asset on the new relationship map. More details here



SNMP enhancements to the Discovery probe

Category: IT Asset Management

  • Fetch serial number information from SNMP devices

  • Custom fields configuration in devices.csv to read custom properties from SNMP devices and map them to Freshservice asset fields.

  • "devices.csv" structure can support Model/Vendor specific OIDs with custom field OID mappings

  • More vendor/models available in devices.csv

Note: These enhancements will be available by September 30th, 2021.


Enable a 21-day trial for SaaS management in a single click 

Category: IT Asset Management

Get a hands-on experience to discover, manage and optimize your SaaS applications right within Freshservice. Enable a 21-day trial for the add-on from Admin > SaaS management.

Note: This feature will be available on the Forest, Estate, Pro and Enterprise plans by September 30th, 2021.


Freshservice Cloud Discovery for Azure and AWS 

Category: Workflows/Automation

Freshservice cloud discovery enables you to sync resources across your cloud infrastructure into the Freshservice CMDB to provide a single pane of glass to view and manage both physical and virtual CIs.

The sync process is facilitated with the following dedicated marketplace apps for each cloud provider.

Cloud discovery will also seed new fixtures for Asset types to store the different types of resources synced from the cloud. Support for more resource types and cloud providers will follow soon.

Note: This feature will be available on Sept 30th, 2021.







Associated Assets in Workflows

Category: Workflows/Automation

You can now leverage information about the Associated Assets of a ticket, problem, change, or release for your workflows

Note: This feature will be available on Sept 30th, 2021.

Associate assets in:

Condition Nodes: Apply conditions based on the associated asset of a ticket, problem, change or release and take actions accordingly.


Reader node to query information: Leverage information about the associated asset of a record and use it in subsequent actions. For example: When an incident or change is raised for an Asset, the ticket can be assigned to the agent/group that manages the asset and the asset manager can be notified automatically.


Asset Custom Fields support when Reading from Assets : In addition to the default fields of an asset that will be available as part of the Reader output, you will also have granular information about the hierarchy of custom fields for the associated asset in JSON format. Leverage the JSON Parser node to extract the fields you need. For example: Extract type-specific fields for an AWS VM such as Region and Instance ID and use them in an app action to Reboot the instance.


Preview the results of a Reader node : Preview results of a reader for a given filter condition, which will aid you in your workflow configurations.

@Vishal Nema I especially like the “enhancements to the Workflow Automator!” keep those coming! Their are some more gaps and ideas on further automation in the idea forum! :)

Hi, would it be possible to include full-res pictures in these product update news articles? I noticed that several times already - I can click the pictures to enlarge them but I just get the same low-res “thumbnail” kind of image where it’s not possible to make out the text or any details.

Thank you!

@RomanSkuta right click the picture and open in new tab. :)

I would like more depth put on task management and viewing.  Currently my techs have to hunt to find out what tasks they have, when they are due, etc.  Putting them inline with the tickets would be the simplest.  A filter so people can add tasks into their views and\or exclude them.

At this point, I am quite disappointed and annoyed. You continue to add new features and enhancements, but seem to be putting little to no effort in completing or fixing existing features with major issues. The one in particular causing a major issue for us, of which I have created a feature request and support tickets for long ago, is that, for some reason, you seem to think that all software licenses are assigned to users, rather than devices. This NEEDS to be an OPTION per application. Maybe you assuming that I can just assign it to the user that has the device and that it will count…  well, that is what we are doing, but it is not accurate on counts, as we may have a user with multiple devices, or a general device that is not assigned to a user. Please, please, please fix this ASAP.

The other major issue is that a contract needs the ability to be able to cover multiple versions of software. Bluebeam, for instance, shows up as a different name for each version, but I can only apply the license to one version, but the contract covers multiple.

@TecDragon Agreed. I have been thinking the same thing. The default tab when going to Tasks should not be Due Today, I would think it should be a list of all uncompleted tasks, and be able to filter it like tickets for by user or group etc. It would also be nice to see a red number of uncompleted tasks on it’s icon on the top right.

Software reporting features would be very helpful as well. Being able to see a list of computers that do not have antivirus on them for instance. Or being able to make a report that shows who has two different PDF software licenses…  such as Bluebeam AND Acrobat or Nitro. This seems like it should be easy to do since we have the capability to add categories to software.

@tlabus I like your suggestions as well, reporting functionality could definitely be enhanced and quality of living improvements should be just as important as new features.

Oh, and while I am at it, how about getting activity history on requesters finally…  imagine, someone says that they need the computer that User X had, say for litigation or something, but you do not have the capability to look up what assets they once had. Instead, you have to go through each of the assets to find what users they have been assigned to. The data is there already, it just needs to be shown in a different spot.

@tlabus I totally agree with you. The reporting of software asset management is a must for proper use. And also the device licenses for example is a big miss……...

@tlabus - Thank you for your feedback on the software license management and software contracts capabilities. I was able to go through the feature request tickets that you have raised with us to understand the requirement in detail. 

We don’t have any specific item in the immediate roadmap  (~3 months) that would alter this present behaviour.

I completely understand the requirement around the need for mapping software licenses to devices and tracking multiple software versions within a contract. I shall make a note to notify you if we pick this item in the subsequent quarters. Thank you for understanding. 

I am curious about the SNMP enhancements mentioned. Is there additional information regarding the structure of the “devices.csv” file, and how to map custom OIDs to asset fields in Freshservice?